Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Lost, 1995 ©Jean-Baptiste Mondino
The Vagina Slideshow

artnet News

Gustave Courbet's Origin of the World is one of many.

Otto Kunzli Buries Jewelry’s Treasure

Blake Gopnik

THE DAILY PIC: The Met's show forsakes glitz in favor of substance.

artnet Asks: Photographer Gregory Crewdson

Lorraine Rubio

Why is he one of the world's most famous photographers?

Gwangju Biennale President Resigns Over Censorship

Benjamin Sutton

Artists call for return of a painting satirizing Korea's president.

The Future of Commercial Art Galleries, Part Two

Anthony Haden-Guest

The art world has shifted into high-speed. What does this mean for dealers?

Garry Winogrand at the Met: The Genius of His Reviled Late Works

Christian Viveros-Fauné

The '70s and '8os photos are great because of their mania, not in spite of it.

Astronaut Tweets Incredible Photos From Space

Cait Munro

Is Reid Wiseman the International Space Station's first artist-in-residence?

Can Berlin Afford its New Palace?

Alexander Forbes

The project to rebuild a 15th century structure is missing €60 million.

Olafur Eliasson Floods Danish Museum with River Installation

Christie Chu

After conquering waterfalls, the artist built a stream.

Ying Gao’s Clothing That Can Barely Clothe

Blake Gopnik

THE DAILY PIC: At the Textile Museum, super organza that's super-revealing.

artnet Asks: Painter and Sculptor Lionel Smit

Lorraine Rubio

The painter and sculptor talks about his family and his upcoming show in Hong Kong.

Robert Indiana Fans Ignore Artist’s Ferguson Protest

Ben Davis

Keith Wallace's action in Philly dramatized today's racial divide all too well.

Weekly Shuffle: Changeover at MoMA, the British Council, and More

artnet News

University museums hire new leaders just in time for fall semester.

Will Art Basel Lose A Major Sponsor?

Alexander Forbes

Switzerland wants to ban tobacco brands from funding international events.

Cleared of Fraud, Saatchi’s Former PA Launches Art Venture

Coline Milliard

Francesca Grillo turns a new page after the sensational trial.

Why Is The Art World Enamored With LA Politician Bobby Shriver?

Rozalia Jovanovic

Gagosian, Gehry, and Govan are supporting him for L.A. County Supervisor.

Strictly Critical Video: One Hour Looking at a Jackson Pollock Painting at MoMA

Blake Gopnik and Christian Viveros-Fauné

What happens when you look at a single work of art for one hour?

As Wikileaks Founder Faces Extradition, Artists Take to Julian Assange Coloring Book

artnet News

He's said to be leaving the Ecuadorean Embassy "soon."

Leon Black.Photo: © 2014 Patrick McMullan Company, Inc.
Why Did Leon Black Pay $50 Million for Former Knoedler Space?

Rozalia Jovanovic

The disgraced gallery could showcase the billionaire's $120 million Scream.

Your Weekly Art Agenda: Editor’s Picks

artnet News

Picasso at MoMA and other events for August 18–25 you shouldn't miss.

London’s Statues Speak Out

Coline Milliard

Ever wondered what it feels like to get Sherlock Holmes on the phone?

artnet Asks: Painter and Sculptor Elvira Bach

Lorraine Rubio

The Berlin-based artist finds many possibilities in working with glass.

Jeff Koons: A Genius from Day One

Blake Gopnik

THE DAILY PIC: Our critic feels his simplest found objects have amazing depths.

Jackson Pollock’s Roots in the Ladylike

Blake Gopnik

THE DAILY PIC: Did the AbEx-er steal his ideas from dressmakers?

Driving the Los Angeles Gallery Scene

Eileen Kinsella

From the beach to downtown, Los Angeles has great summer shows.