As the boutique art business transitions into a supercharged global industry, the art market faces both unprecedented challenges and unprecedented opportunities. We are launching Artnet News Pro to provide collectors, art professionals, and other ambitious art lovers with the tools to navigate this high-stakes terrain through exclusive market news, analysis, opinion, insights from industry insiders, and clear-eyed investigations driven by Artnet’s industry-leading price database. 

We have built Artnet News Pro on the foundation of five core beliefs:

– We believe in transparency, a belief born from Artnet’s origins in 1989 as the first company to bring real, actionable art-market data online through the Price Database, which is today still the undisputed leader in pricing information.

– We believe that a smarter, more transparent art market can also be a more efficient market, a bigger market, a more global and multigenerational market—and that this will in turn make the world a more equitable, more exciting, and more beautiful place to live.

– We believe that our number-one obligation is to bring you, our members, the insights and data that give you the edge over the competition—to make you more successful at whatever you do in the art industry, be it as a collector, a dealer, another kind of art professional, or an avid observer interested in learning about this fascinating world.

– We believe that the traditional model of ad-supported journalism has many virtues, and we are tremendously proud of our relationship with some of the world’s finest brands. We also know that this model poses some challenges, in that it can incentivize mass-relevant topics over niche concerns (like the inner workings of the art market)—and that it can be hard-pressed to sustain a world-class journalistic enterprise on its own. With your support, Artnet News Pro will allow us to provide our professional readership with the kind of inside-baseball reporting vital to the art market while also enabling us to continue providing trailblazing journalistic coverage of the art world at large.

– We also believe that, as our members grow in number, we should reinvest your membership fees by expanding our offerings to match your interests. And, YES, we want to hear from you—to know what subjects and services you value most, so we can meet and exceed your expectations. Because, ultimately, we believe in you. We want you to value what we’re doing here. Thanks for reading.