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Benjamin Genocchio

Editor in Chief

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Sarah Cascone

Assistant Editor

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Ben Davis

Senior Writer

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Alexander Forbes

European Market Editor, Berlin

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Rozalia Jovanovic

Senior Writer

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Blake Gopnik

Critic at Large

Eileen Kinsella

Senior Market Editor

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Elizabeth Manus

Managing Editor

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Coline Milliard

European Market Editor, London

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Lorena Muñoz-Alonso

Assistant Editor, London

Cait Munro

Assistant Managing Editor

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Sophie Neuendorf

Director of Social Media

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Aaron M. Sherman

Director of Digital Media

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Benjamin Sutton

News Editor

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Christian Viveros-Fauné

Art Critic

Contributing Writers and Columnists

Philip Boroff

Anthony Haden-Guest

Simon de Pury

Paddy Johnson

Adam Lindemann

Astrid Hill

Jane O'Sullivan

Asher Edelman

Payal Uttam

Colin Gleadell