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Annie Armstrong

Wet Paint Columnist

Kate Brown

Senior Editor

Sarah Cascone

Senior Writer
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Min Chen

Art & Pop Culture Editor

Vivienne Chow

London Correspondent

Ben Davis

National Art Critic
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Cathy Fan

Director of Content China

Caroline Goldstein

Acting Managing Editor

Katya Kazakina

Senior Reporter

Eileen Kinsella

Senior Market Editor
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Jo Lawson-Tancred

European News Reporter

Sonia Manalili

Executive Producer

Annikka Olsen

Galleries Editor

Naomi Rea

Acting Editor-in-Chief
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Adam Schrader

News Reporter

William Van Meter

Editorial Director, Artnet Studio

Katie White

Art World Writer and Editor

Andrew Russeth

Editor of Artnet News Pro

Margaret Carrigan

News Editor, Europe