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Amalia UlmanPhoto via: @amaliaulman Instagram

Meet Artist-cum-Instagram Star Amalia Ulman

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso
Who needs a gallery these days?

Robert Gober: At His Best From Day One

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: Already in 1975, Gober was capturing reality's fractures.

Chihuly Returns to Tropical Botanical Garden

Josh Niland
Striking sculptural forms set in lush landscapes.

Cheat Sheet: Jeff Koons Sued for Plagiarism, Roman Abramovich Loses Millions, and More

Cait Munro
The top art news stories from December 15–19.

Timothy Spall Reveals What It's Like to Play J.M.W. Turner in Mike Leigh's Film

Jordan Riefe
For one thing, the actor had to spend two years learning to paint.
Performer in the

Baz Luhrmann's Christmas Nightmare at Barneys

Ben Davis
High art about Love, Beauty, Truth, Freedom, and $800 "champagne sabers."
Yayoi Kusama. Photo: courtesy the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

Yayoi Kusama Retrospective Becomes Security Nightmare in Mexico

Sarah Cascone
Blockbuster Kusama show drives up museum attendance.
Girl with the Pearl Earring (1665) by Johannes Vermeer and Fools Do ArtPhoto via: Fools Do Art

Bored Office Workers Re-Create Art Masterpieces — It's Hilarious

artnet News
The things you can do with a smartphone when your boss isn't looking!

You Can Now Go to Art School at Hogwarts

Zoe Li
But you'll have to move to China first.

Sui Jianguo's Giant Touch

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: The Chinese artist enlarges sculptures he made while blindfolded.

Must-See Art Guide: Tel Aviv

Audrey Fair
This week's guide includes Ruth Agassi, Carsten Nicolai, and Arik Levy.

Leo Villareal Saves San Francisco's Bay Lights

Sarah Cascone
$4 million in funding has been privately raised.
Marc Chagall, Les Paysans Photo: LAPD via The Daily Mail

LAPD Recovers Nine Stolen Artworks Worth Millions

Coline Milliard
Three paintings are still circulating on the black market.

Althea Thauberger Casts Kids as … Us

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: The Vancouver artist films tykes acting out adult debates.

Our Favorite Art Essay of 2014: Jed Perl's Savaging of Jeff Koons

Jed Perl
Someone finally explains why Koons is so popular, and, well, so irritating.
A view from the artnet News office as seen through the new set of Instagram filters. From top left: Normal, Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, and Perpetua. Photo: Sarah Cascone.

Instagram Adds Five Quaint Filters for Christmas

Sarah Cascone
Go ahead, flatter yourself.

Smithsonian Nabs Atari's E.T. Video Game Rescued from Desert

Sarah Cascone
It had been buried in a landfill by Atari in 1983.

Is Steven Soderbergh's Ludicrous, Boozy Website a Work of Art?

Paddy Johnson
The "retired" filmmaker’s image appears ceaselessly on the site.
Puerto Banús, MarbellaPhoto: Wikipedia

Marbella Gets an Art Fair, But Are Collectors Game?

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso
Could this idyllic coastal city in southern Spain become "the next Miami"?

Judith Leyster: Big Effects in Small Spaces

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: In a show of tiny Dutch pictures, Leyster's talent looms large.

Jeffrey Deitch and Mana Contemporary Celebrate Armitage Dance and Art

Eileen Kinsella
Armitage was once dubbed the "punk ballerina."

Dustin Yellin Got Naked at a Christmas Carnival

Christie Chu
The raucous holiday event was held at a legendary townhouse in New York.
Anita and Poju Zabludowicz Courtesy Zabludowicz Foundation

Zabludowicz Foundation Boycotted Over Arms Dealing Connection

Coline Milliard
Will it close down one of London's most popular institutions?
The two versions of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa side by side.

Did Leonardo da Vinci Paint the Mona Lisa Twice?

Sarah Cascone
Is a newly discovered painting of a younger Mona Lisa real?