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Monique Mouton Paints Painting's Death

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: A young painter acknowledges her medium's fragile health.
Custon Pet Portrait Canvas, $49–89.95

SkyMall Is Bankrupt! Buy This Cheesy Art Before It's Too Late

Sarah Cascone
The friendly skies lose a retail icon.

Cheat Sheet: Dasha Zhukova, Oscar Murillo, and Andy Warhol x Converse

Cait Munro
Catch up on this week's most clicked stories.
An overlaid composite image of the 100 millionth photo taken by AIA, showing the sun in multiple wavelengths. Photo: NASA/SDO.

NASA Spacecraft Takes 100 Millionth Photo of the Sun

Sarah Cascone
The Old Man in the Sun and other solar portraits.

The Winter Antiques Show Surprises With a Range of Offerings

Cait Munro
A handful of 20th century dealers spice things up.

Preview the Outsider Art Fair

Sarah Cascone
It's more insidery than ever.

Can Tomas Maier and Bottega Veneta Save Japan's Modernist Architectural Gems?

Sarah Cascone
Now is the time for preservationists to rally.

Is Creative Time Heading to the Venice Biennale?

Brian Boucher
Something bigger than its Kara Walker blockbuster may be in store.

Three Fun Facts With Sun Xun

artnet News
Sun Xun is the latest subject of our Instagram interview series.

L'Origine du Monde Sparks Facebook Legal Battle

Coline Milliard
Does the social network's no nudity policy put art at risk?

Loris Gréaud Smashes the Mold for Museum Shows

Ben Davis
At the opening, unknown vandals appeared out of nowhere.
The Musée Hergé, in Louvain-la-Neuve, BelgiumPhoto via: Press TV

Belgian Museum Cancels Charlie Hebdo Exhibition

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso
Officials say the security risk was too high.

“Trash" Artist Abraham Cruzvillegas Takes on Tate Modern's Turbine Hall

Coline Milliard
He launches a new chapter for the world’s most famous artist commission.

James Rosenquist Gets an 'A' in Sociology

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: Did dry sociology lead to hipster Pop art?

Must-See Art Guide: Düsseldorf

Judith Probst
This week's guide includes Bernd and Hilla Becher, Günther Uecker, and more.

King Tut Damaged in Botched Repair Attempt

Sarah Cascone
A cautionary tale of conservation not being left to the experts.

New York DA Launches Secret Art Sales Tax Investigation

Thomas C. Danziger and Georges G. Lederman
Learn the difference between "a successful outcome and a pair of handcuffs."

Weekly Shuffle: Art Fair Appointments and Met Resignations

Daria Daniel
Changes are afoot at London's NPG, the Met, and several art fairs.
A Carabinieri officer holding one of the recovered antiquities. Via: Wanted in Rome

$58 Million Trove of Looted Antiquities Uncovered in Raid

Henri Neuendorf
It's the biggest recovery in history.
Gabriele FinaldiPhoto via: ABC

National Gallery to Tap Gabriele Finaldi as Director

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso
The Museo del Prado director would replace Nicholas Penny.

Grear Patterson's Tiki Turner

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: A young painter finds the sublime in kitsch.

Danh Vō Revisits The Exorcist at Marian Goodman London

Lydia Yee
Could this be a sneak peek at his Danish Pavilion in Venice?

15 Romantic Artworks (In Anticipation of Valentine's Day)

artnet News
Anyone need a little love?

Sun Xun Finds It Impossible to Be a Foreigner In New York

artnet News
What happens when a gallery is turned into a theater space?

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Norton Simon's Nazi-Loot Appeal

Sarah Cascone
The heir of a Jewish art dealer will get to press her claim.