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Roxy Paine at Marianne Boesky: The Raw Spectacle of Wood

Ben Davis
"Denuded Lens" seems a little hollow, but maybe there's a message there.

Garage Museum Canonizes the Nineties

Rozalia Jovanovic
Curator Kate Fowle explains the origins of "The New International."
The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities, now available in public schools in Orange County, Florida. Photo: the Satanic Temple.

Satanic Coloring Books Distributed at Florida Public Schools

Sarah Cascone
After court allows free Bible handouts, Satanists get in on the action.

A Brief History of Animated GIF Art, Part Four

Paddy Johnson
From the Google+ golden era to the explosion of GIF exhibitions.

VIDEO: Do Ho Suh Explains His Ethereal Rubbings

Christie Chu
Take a tour of the enigmatic artist's latest solo exhibition.
Performance Space 122 Spring Gala

Tom Finkelpearl Promises to Make New York Livable for Artists

Benjamin Sutton
The new culture czar also wants to get artists involved in disaster relief.

Photographs of Frida Kahlo’s House Show Paint and Blood

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso
See what Graciela Iturbide found in the legendary Casa Azul.

Helene Appel Carves Up a Cliché

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: The artist makes paint stand for butchered flesh.
Iraqi schoolchildren. Photo: courtesy the US Army.

ISIS Cuts Art, Music, and History Education in Iraq

Sarah Cascone
Worried parents who choose homeschooling risk punishment.

Stunning Snapshots Vying for the 2015 World Photography Awards

Christie Chu
From Romania to Malaysia, highlights from this year's submissions.
Photo: via the Guardian

What’s at Stake for the Arts in Scotland?

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso
Artists and thinkers speculate on life after the referendum.

Art World Bias by the Numbers

Philip Boroff
Why are women museum directors underpaid?

Sebastian Errazuriz Explodes Design

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: The Spanish designer's traditional jointing expands the sideboard.
Matisse exhibition at Tate Photo: PA, via The Independent

Matisse Show Attracts 562,622 visitors to Tate Modern

Coline Milliard
It is the London museum's most successful exhibition.

Your Weekly Art Agenda: Editor’s Picks

artnet News
An evening with Christopher Williams and other can't miss events for September 15-21.
A white ibis in a Cape York rock painting. Photo: Kerry Trapnell via: the Guardian

30,000-Year-Old Cave Paintings in Danger of Destruction

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso
Can Australia save the precious works from miners before it's too late?

Jeff Koons’s Art Rings A Bell

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: In duplicating a historical icon, what is the artist attempting to do?

Imagining the Artist-Architect Collabos That Never Were

Christie Chu
What if Giorgio de Chirico and Tadao Ando had worked together?

Speed Read: The Top 10 Art News Stories for September 8–12

Benjamin Sutton
The NYPD muzzled Met protestors, Miley Cyrus got a gallery show, and more.

“Killer Heels” Has Pretty Shoes and Brains To Boot

Cait Munro
Videos by Marilyn Minter, Ghada Amer, and others give this show a kick.

Kelly Mark Makes a “Public Disturbance”

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: The Toronto artist tugs at the line between fact and fiction.
03 protesters kock met

NYPD Detains Activists for Anti-Koch Light Graffiti at the Met

Ben Davis
Billionaire art patron's climate change denial inspired creative protest.
sayeeda clarke white 2011

Telling the Story of the African Diaspora Through Sci-Fi

Bansie Vasvani
“a/wake in the water” uses an unexpected form to tell an urgent story.

Must-See Art Guide: Brussels

Alissa Darsa
This week's guide include Louise Lawler, Claude Viallat, Jack Smith, and more.
Detail from Mr. Brainwash's 9/11 mural across the street from the WTC site at Century 21.Photo: Benjamin Sutton.

Banksy Wannabe Mr. Brainwash Unveils 9/11 Mural at WTC

Sarah Cascone
The artist may be fake, but the mediocre art is real.