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Folkestone residents dig for gold Photo: Paul Wight via Twitter

Artist’s Buried Treasure Eludes Gold-Mad British Hordes

Alexander Forbes
Michael Sailstorfer's stunt has built hype, but no fortunes.

In ’68, Rauschenberg Predicts the Web

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: At Sandra Gering, the artist watches as we drown in images.
the-incidental-insurge ts

Artists Call on Bienal de Sao Paulo to Reject Israeli Funds

Ben Davis
Over half of the show's participants sign the open letter.

Miranda July Releases a Messaging App With a Message

Cait Munro
With "Somebody," your text messages could be delivered by anybody.

Must-See Art Guide: Montréal

Audrey Fair
This week's shows include Craig Hood, Jake and Dinos Chapman, and others.
Detail of Andres Serrano, Piss Christ (1987).Photo: Courtesy the artist, via Wikimedia Commons.

Christians Pissed About Piss Christ, Again

Alexander Forbes
Protesters want Andres Serrano's work removed from a show in Corsica.

Los Angeles Museum Hosts Hello Kitty Retrospective

Christie Chu
The beloved character turns 40 and gets some art world respect.
Hidetomo Kimura,

Art Aquarium Is Tokyo’s Latest Craze

Sarah Cascone
Trendsetters drink and dance amid fish-filled sculptures.
Aya Takano, Fallin'- Manma Air

artnet Asks: Superflat Artist Aya Takano

Lorraine Rubio
Takano is at the cutting edge of Japanese contemporary art.

Ferguson-Themed Mural Removed After Police Complaints

Sarah Cascone
Why did the cops find this city-sponsored artwork so offensive?

Scandinavians Scuffle Over Race-Swapping Artwork at Malmö Festival

Hendrik Hansson
Performance was meant to combat racism, but viewers call it modern-day blackface.

What the Devil Happened to the Racquets at the US Open?

Philip Boroff
The tournament's new "theme art" appears to be about real estate, not sports.

Three Paintings Stolen from Italian Castle

Alexander Forbes
It's the country's second major art theft in two weeks.

James Lee Byars Makes Nothing from Something

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: At Michael Werner, basalt balls forge a potent connection.

Artist Compiles Aerial Photos of World’s Airports on Tumblr

Christie Chu
All those long lines look lovely from 30,000 feet.
Rashaad Newsome.

VIDEO: Rashaad Newsome and Louboutin Lace Up at the Brooklyn Museum

Benjamin Sutton
The artist and the shoe-maker plan a rap battle.
Shannon Zirbel with the unfolded prototype for a solar panel array designed for NASA using origami techniques. Photo: Mark A. Philbrick, courtesy Brigham Young University.

NASA Takes Cues from Ancient Japanese Art of Origami

Sarah Cascone
Will massive unfolding solar panels revolutionize space exploration?

VIDEO: In Frederick Wiseman’s National Gallery, All Artworks Are Riveting

Graham Fuller
The filmmaker's newest documentary peers into the 190-year-old London institution.

Jasper Johns Baffles Beautifully

Blake Gopnik
THE DAILY PIC: At MoMA, his new work is as complex as ever.

artnet Asks: Abstract Painter Gillian Ayres

Lorraine Rubio
Ayres is one of the leading British abstract painters of her generation.

Tech Nerds and Flashy Art at Burning Man

Christie Chu
Can this year's art measure up to these highlights from years past?

Former Swindler “Turbo Paul” Hendry Tells All About Art Theft

Eileen Kinsella
Want some advice on how to recover stolen art?

artnet Asks: Minimalist Sculptor Peter Weber

Lorraine Rubio
Intricately folded felt constructions have won the artist international acclaim.

Viral Before I Die Art Project Helps Bring Healing to Ferguson

Sarah Cascone
Candy Chang's hopeful artwork has been seen in trouble spots around the world.

Your Weekly Art Agenda: Editor’s Picks

artnet News
Woody Allen's Manhattan at MoMA and other events for August 25–31 you shouldn't miss.