Start Your Spring With These 5 Compelling New Talents From the Artnet Gallery Network

Whether perusing their work on the Artnet Gallery Network or seeing one of their solo shows in person, you don't want to miss these artists' work.

James Owens, Wild Horse you Didn’t Have to Die (2022). Courtesy of Setareh, Dusseldorf.

Here at the Artnet Gallery Network, we’re constantly learning about new artists and finding interesting galleries to follow. And just like every month, we’ve combed back through all the shows we’ve encountered and rounded up five incredible artists that sparked our interest the most. This month, we’ve included artists that hail from Peru to England—and most currently have exhibitions on view so you can see their work in person.

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James Owens at Setareh, Dusseldorf

James Owens, A Study of Two Shirts Hanging in a Shop Window (2023). Courtesy of Setareg, Dusseldorf.

James Owens, A Study of Two Garments Hanging in a Shop Window (2023). Courtesy of Setareh, Dusseldorf.

London-based artist James Owens (b. 1995) has a practice that seems to delicately balance between the abstract and the figurative—and invite prolonged looking; where at first glance his canvases could be mistaken for abstractions, upon closer inspection the objects, animals, or plants he portrays come to the fore. His experimental and dynamic brushwork becomes as much a focus of his painting as his subjects, which range from vignettes of the quotidian to the flora and fauna of the natural world. Currently, Owen’s solo show “It’s All Good” is on view at Setareh, Dusseldorf, comprised of 16 paintings that demonstrate the artist’s exploratory approach to both the medium and his subjects.

Tania Franco-Klein at Rosegallery, Santa Monica

Tania Franco-Klein, Tunnel, (Self-Portrait) (2022). Courtesy of Rosegallery, Santa Monica.

Tania Franco-Klein, Tunnel, (Self-Portrait) (2022). Courtesy of Rosegallery, Santa Monica.

Mexican artist Tania Franco-Klein (b. 1990) studied architecture in Mexico for her bachelor’s degree and architecture in London for her master’s degree, and through the confluence of these experiences formed the basis of her artistic practice today. Working across photography, GIF, and installation, Franco-Klein interrogates the emotional aspect of contemporary life, and more specifically the influence of digital ecosystems on the idea of self. Rosegallery in Santa Monica, California, is currently presenting “Break in Case of Emergency,” showcasing Franco-Klein’s most recent project. Thematically centered on the idea of catharsis, the works on view portray unreal vignettes yet are evocative of very real emotions.

Cindy Motley at the Art of Cindy Motley, San Juan Capistrano

Cindy Motley, Duck, Duck, Goose and Three Dancing Moose (2023). Courtesy of the Art of Cindy Motley, San Juan Capistrano.

Cindy Motley, Duck, Duck, Goose and Three Dancing Moose (2023). Courtesy of the Art of Cindy Motley, San Juan Capistrano.

Integrating elements of craft, art history, and spirituality, self-taught artist Cindy Motley crafts complex yet whimsical compositions that often feature children or families in fictitious worlds. With the aim of inspiring joy and highlighting the pleasure that can be found in everyday moments, Motley’s colorful and playful works also contain a patchwork of symbolism and metaphors. With inspirations ranging from Henri Matisse and Gustav Klimt to Egyptian revivalism and old masters, and drawing from her passion for textiles and sewing, Motley’s paintings are at once accessible yet sophisticated. This summer, you can see her works featured in the Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach, which opens July 5, 2023.

Jeff Bellerose at Paul Thiebaud Gallery, San Francisco

Jeff Bellerose, Sea and Sky (2019). Courtesy of Paul Thiebaud Gallery, San Francisco.

Jeff Bellerose, Sea and Sky (2019). Courtesy of Paul Thiebaud Gallery, San Francisco.

Originally hailing from Boston, Jeff Bellerose (b. 1973) initially studied physics and mechanical engineering—receiving a bachelor’s from Tufts University—before pursuing a career in art. The precision of line and shape in his paintings, which most frequently feature cityscapes and other forms of architecture, reflect his technical background. Regularly carrying a sketchbook and watercolors, Bellerose not only captures the formal elements of a scene in situ, but also the atmosphere and mood of a particular moment. Bellerose’s fourth solo exhibition with Paul Thiebaud Gallery, San Francisco, which is currently on view, presents a new body of work that was begun in 2019, and features the artist’s signature architectural facade paintings as well as contemplative compositions of interiors.


Till Freiwald at Galerie Voss, Dusseldorf

Till Freiwald, Lola 2 (2022). Courtesy of Galerie Voss, Dusseldorf.

Till Freiwald, Lola 2 (2022). Courtesy of Galerie Voss, Dusseldorf.

Peruvian artist Till Freiwald’s large-scale watercolor paintings of individual faces focus not only on the pure representation of the human visage, but also on abstract ideas, emotions, and themes that can be conveyed within the genre of portraiture. Capturing what Old Master painter Rembrandt van Rijn described as a crucial element of portraiture, a subjective yet vital “atmospheric” element can be observed in Freiwald’s technical and forthright compositions. The artist’s new series of works, “Echo,” is on view at Gallery Voss, Dusseldorf, marking Freiwald’s fourth exhibition with the gallery. The works featured are frontal or profile portraits wherein the artist has made an effort to not explicitly portray emotion. In place of emotion, the life and human energy of the sitters instead become the focus.

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