Michael Lutin’s Art World Horoscope for February 2017

What will February bring to Aquarius Takashi Murakami?

Takashi Murakami
Photo: Mireya Acierto / Getty Images

February in Aquarius reveals that without technology, in today’s world, we’re all sunk. And given that it won’t be long before the Revolt of the Machines, you might as well start being nice to your toaster. Still, shocks, surprises, and last minute twists often blow your fuse in February, so be sure to pull the plug out of the wall before you reach for that toast.



You probably already know that you come from the batch of weird baby geniuses born IN the beginning of February of 1962. The planetary pileup in the sign of Aquarius was utterly unusual, producing a run of creative strangers who now wander around spreading their influence all over the earth.The mothership deposited your intergalactic brothers and sisters in many countries with the message of a progressive and productive future. Over the next five years as Pluto approaches Aquarius, you will be calked upon to take your place as one of the revolutionaries in the new society of art, business and probably what we’ve all been waiting for: Alien disclosure.

You’ll definitely be needing a longer leash. Even hearing that bugs you, but the fact is, never before have you required more liberty. But…at the same time, you still can’t quite free yourself from a regime that curtails your complete, unbridled freedom to do what you damn please. As your ruling planet enters your sign this month, you are totally sick of pretending to be grateful and nice when you feel like choking somebody. You may have plenty of reason to be angry and a perfect right to experience displeasure with the system. Definitely assert your needs, but for God’s sake don’t choke anybody.


Claude Monet, Nymphéas (1906). Courtesy Sotheby’s.

It’s a lot to ask of you to remain professional when dealing with doctors, lawyers, and village chieftains in a rational way. Outwardly, despite any serious threat or crisis, you’re supposed to remain as still as a Monet lily pad when you feel like a turbulent Pollack. A twelfth house cluster of planets, such as you are experiencing during February, represents roiling, inner turmoil. It will take enormous effort to stay on your feet during this psychically challenging, internal earthquake/volcano. What I admire most about Tauruses of any age, color, or gender is your awesome ability to go through hell on the inside and still wave smiling at the crowd.

Just thinking about what true liberation from all cares and woes could mean has to fill you with longing. Considering all the anxiety and sorrow we are asked to bear—worries about the future notwithstanding—and accepting the inevitable cycles of life: that’s more than any Gemini should have to cope with. Now, however, with your ninth and eleventh solar houses so active, you can take the plunge and taste freedom again, more so than you have in a long time (if ever). Even if romance pales and the kids aren’t there. No matter what lies ahead, throw off the chains of fear, and don’t spook yourself by checking under the bed for monsters.


This month: exposure. In photography exposure  describes a balance of light which can capture and reproduce the memory of a special event. It also implies bringing to light what has been hidden; sometimes the word implies a public scandal or shocking revelation. Financially it puts people in a state of risk.

This New Moon puts you in an unusual, perilous super-cold or super-heated environment: it will take you out of your comfort zone and to the edge. For example, Cancers are sometimes thought to be “chicken” in matters of sex, but this month, if you push it, your antics could get you into headlines. Don’t get arrested.

Keith Haring, Untitled (For Izzy-Love) (1988). Courtesy Sotheby's.

Keith Haring, Untitled (For Izzy-Love) (1988). Courtesy Sotheby’s.

You want an adventure? On any level you wish, the door is open. Whether it’s climbing Everest, kissing a dolphin, or experiencing true companionship—they’re all up for grabs. All you have to do with a cluster of planets in your ninth house is to open your mind completely. Free yourself from preconceived notions about the meaning of life. Check your prejudices at the door, and enter (or re-enter) the experience and exploration of human relationships—with or without sex. Although the Chiron transit through your eighth house may painfully challenge your notion of yourself as the greatest lover alive, you nonetheless know, as a Leo, that you were and always will be.

If there was ever a month to remember you’re a Virgo, it is now. You are just as caught up in paying bills and swimming in the swirl of emotional confusion as everybody else, but get a hold of yourself. People rely on you for clarity, so stand back, wash your face, hear the reveille at sunrise, and report for duty. Straighten up inside and clean up after the dog outside. Don’t pretend you don’t see it. A sixth house lunation and north node in your sign means to look properly after your health. Venus, Mars, and Uranus Mars in your eighth house means the best reminder that you’re still alive is sex. Just get right out of bed and get back to work afterwards.


No wonder you’ve lost enthusiasm and even belief in normal life. That is perfectly normal during the retrograde of Jupiter in your Sign. Venus may also be teaching you about what love is, but dammit, does it have to be the hard way? As much as you may wish to withdraw and lick your wounds over abandonment, just look up and you will see there ARE people there.  In fact you have to socialize, no matter how crappy you are feeling. Kids, relationships, people are there. With Mars Venus and Uranus in your seventh house of relationships, they come and they go, they arrive and depart, and as long as you grant everyone independence you are not alone.


Your family? Not at all like an old TV sitcom. More like the clown car at a circus. Totally unpredictable. We have to wonder whether such a bunch of aliens has randomly come together, or was your whole childhood cosmically ordained to fulfill your deep unconscious desire to learn that there is no normal?

You have to live around people you would maybe never have chosen in a million years, but who certainly keep you open-minded about human interaction. The month’s focus is on work and health, however. Period. Inflammations arise when planets erupt together Mars enters the sixth house, Your job? Manipulate, don’t explode.


It’s natural to yearn for the comfort of an intimate connection. You’ve had  to keep functioning through a drab opera, drag yourself out of bed to perform in it. What brightens your outlook is to stop asking yourself if you will ever have fun again and just go for some. Despite your plucky positive attitude, Jupiter retro and Saturn in your Sign drain confidence in your powers to charm. Like any performer or artist, you have to throw yourself out on that stage. You’re going to find that despite your wobbly uncertainty, the minute the curtain goes up, you’ve still got the magic and miracle of pitching and selling whatever you’ve got.

With Saturn firmly implanted for this whole year in your solar twelfth house, you’re definitely in a more contemplative mood. Folks don’t see you around as much, mainly because you need time in your room to consider your belly button and the state of existence. Add to that the retro of Jupiter, and nothing in the world is all that attractive. You are a Capricorn, however, so even in the midst of a liberating meditation, you start thinking about real estate. With good reason. Where you live, with whom you live, and how much your place is worth are all thoughts that bounce around, challenging your notions of charity, forgiveness, as well as your prayers for humanity.


With Saturn finally off your midheaven, the pressure of the last several years is O-F-F (off). Only thing still bugging you is why you haven’t accomplished more when compared to colleagues. You’re on a path of service and art, and at the moment profit has not been your primary success. You must be so happy that the hideous squeeze you were put through in 2014-15 is behind you. You’ve got time now to explore the world and not make long commitments. And you’ve just been released, so be grateful for the mobility. It is wise to shut down that voice that keeps bugging you about what you are NOT doing.


While inspiring brilliant bursts of creativity, the transit of Venus has also been excruciating—dare we say with an almost ecstatic, Piscean spiritual release? Don’t scream. Venus is on an odd trajectory, teaching you all there is to know about love and art. February takes you behind the scenes of your whole life (while you make money, of course). As you’re out there wheeling, dealing, and checking everyone out, you’re also deep in your own head and heart. Odd, too, mainly because though you are seeking  inner peace, you’re still running around.  Multi-tasking is one thing, but this could get ridiculous. That voice asking you who the hell you think you are? Turn the damned thing off.

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