60 Fall Gallery Shows You Can’t Miss

From LA to New York, and Birmingham to Boston, September is art's coolest month.

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Corey Arcangel,
Helene Appel, Untitled (Sweepings) (2014)
Sept. 4- Oct. 4: James Cohan Gallery
Justin Kurland, "Death Seat" (2012) Sept. 4–Oct. 11: "Sincere Auto Care" at Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Justin Kurland, Death Seat (2012)
Sept. 4–Oct. 11: "Sincere Auto Care" at Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Farhad Moshiri, "God" (2004)
Farhad Moshiri, God (2004)
Sept. 4–Oct. 4: "Float" at Galerie Perrotin
Roxy Paine, "Checkpoint" (2014)
Roxy Paine, Checkpoint (2014)
Sept.4–Oct.18: "Denuded Lens" at Marianne Boesky
Johannes VanDerBeek, Leaves (2014)
Sept. 4–Oct. 4: "Early Hand" at Zach Feuer
Breyer P-orridge, "If, Thee Sho-T Fits A-T "Where is I.T.?" (1999)
Breyer P-orridge, If, Thee Sho-T Fits A-T "Where is I.T.? (1999)
Sept. 5–Oct. 12: Breyer P-orridge and Pierre Molinier at Invisible-Exports
Pierre Molinier, "Meditation Vampirique" (1967)
Pierre Molinier, Meditation Vampirique (1967)
Sept. 5–Oct.12: Breyer P-orridge and Pierre Molinier at Invisible-Exports
Shamus Clisset, "Builder Destroy (Acid God)" (2013)
Shamus Clisset, Builder Destroy (Acid God) (2013)
Sept. 6–Oct. 11: "Space God/ Magic Guy" at Postmasters
Roger Hiorns, "Untitled" (2013)
Roger Hiorns, Untitled (2013)
Sept. 6–Oct. 18: Luhring Augustine
Jean-Luc Moulène, "Sans titre (poumons de boeuf)" (2014)
Jean-Luc Moulène, Sans titre (poumons de boeuf) (2014)
Sept.7–Oct. 26: "Torture Concrete" at Miguel Abreu
RO/LU, "Table of Contents" (2013)
RO/LU, Table of Contents (2013)
Sept. 7–Oct. 5: "In Waves" at Jack Hanley
Alexis Georgopolous (Arp)
Alexis Georgopolous (Arp)
Photo courtesy of Cargo Collective
Paul Clipson, "Still from WATER FICTION" (2014)
Paul Clipson, Still from WATER FICTION (2014)
Sept. 7–Oct. 5: "In Waves" at Jack Hanley
Andy Coolquitt, "tricky/sweat/3way/thing/dripping/hair/biting/fling" (2014)
Andy Coolquitt, tricky/sweat/3way/thing/dripping/hair/biting/fling (2014)
Sept. 7–Oct. 5: "Somebody Place" at Lisa Cooley
David Benjamin Sherry, "Speed of Life" (2009)
David Benjamin Sherry, Speed of Life (2009)
Sept. 7–Oct. 25: "Climate Vortex Surta" at Salon 94
Corey Arcangel, "Hillary / Lakes" (2014)
Corey Arcangel, Hillary / Lakes (2014)
Sept. 7–Oct. 26: "tl;dr" at Team Gallery
Ryan McGinley, "Yearbook (detail Bradley)" (2014)
Ryan McGinley, Yearbook (detail Bradley) (2014)
Sept. 7–Oct.16: "Yearbook" at Team Gallery
Nick Cave, "Black Dog" (2013)
Nick Cave, Black Dog (2013)
Sept. 8–Oct. 8: "Ever-After" at Jack Shainman
Ai WeiWei, "Map of China" (2004)
Ai WeiWei, Map of China (2004)
Sept. 12–Nov. 1: "Part I/Part II" at Francis M. Naumann Fine Art/Chambers Fine Art
Do Ho Suh, Rubbing/Loving Project: Apartment A, 348 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011, USA (2014)
Sept. 11–Oct. 25: "Drawings" at Lehmann Maupin
Jenny Holzer, "X Conclusion" (2014)
Jenny Holzer, X Conclusion (2014)
Sept.11–Oct. 25: "Dust Painting" at Cheim & Read
Wayne White, "Asshole" (2014)
Wayne White, Asshole (2014)
Sept. 11–Oct. 11: "Invisible Ruler" at Joshua Liner
Helen Frankenthaler, "Untitled" (1967)
Helen Frankenthaler, Untitled (1967)
Sept. 11–Oct. 11: "Composing With Color: Paintings 1962–63" at Gagosian Gallery (New York)
Adam Putnam, Untitled Shadow (1) (2013)
Sept. 11–Nov. 1: PPOW Gallery
Jason Rhoades, "Twat Waffle" (2003)
Jason Rhoades, Twat Waffle (2003)
Sept.11–Oct. 18: "In Media Res" at Bryce Wolkowitz
Jose Parla, "El Centro Habana" (2014)
Jose Parla, El Centro Habana (2014)
Sept. 12–Oct. 18: "In Media Res" at Bryce Wolkowitz
Laurent Grasso, "Studies in the Past" (2012)
Laurent Grasso, Studies in the Past (2012)
Sept. 12–Oct. 18: "Soleil Double" at Sean Kelly
Kate Shepherd, "ALVAR AALTO4halvesstacked_thread2nostand.s8 (sky grass, wire sculpture)(2014) Sept. 12–Oct. 18: "Fwd: The Telephone Game" at Galerie Lelong
Kate Shepherd, ALVAR AALTO4halvesstacked_thread2nostand.s8 (sky grass, wire sculpture) (2014)
Sept. 12–Oct. 18: "Fwd: The Telephone Game" at Galerie Lelong
Allora & Calzadilla, "Armed Freedom Lying on a Sunbed" (2011)
Allora & Calzadilla, Armed Freedom Lying on a Sunbed (2011)
Sept. 13–Oct. 11: "Fault Lines" at Gladstone
Rob Pruitt, "The Kiss After Brancusi" (2010)
Rob Pruitt, The Kiss After Brancusi (2010)
Sept. 13–Oct. 11: "Multiple Personalities" at Gavin Brown's Enterprise
Xianti Schawinsky, "Untitled (eclipse)" (1940)
Xianti Schawinsky, Untitled (eclipse) (1940)
Sept. 16–Nov. 22: "Eclipse" at Broadway 1602
"Fire!" - de Pury de Pury
Sept. 18–Nov. 1: "Fire!" curated by Simon de Pury at Venus Over Manhattan
Giuseppe Penone, "Luce Zenitale" (2012)
Giuseppe Penone, Luce Zenitale (2012)
Sept. 5–Oct. 18: "Branches of Thought" at Gagosian Gallery (Los Angeles)
Acme, original gallery location (1994)
Acme, original gallery location (1994)
Sept. 6–Oct. 4: "20 Years of Acme" at Acme Gallery
Matthew Ronay, "Den of End" (2009)
Matthew Ronay, Den of End (2009)
Sept. 6–Oct. 4: Marc Foxx Gallery
Doug Aitken, "Sun Pool" (2014)
Doug Aitken, Sun pool (2014)
Sept.6–Oct. 11: "Still Life" at Regen Projects
Eddie Martinez, "Nomader" (2014)
Eddie Martinez, Nomader (2014). Sept. 12–Oct. 25: "Nomader" at Kohn Gallery
Kehinde Wiley, "Count Potocki" (2008)
Kehinde Wiley, Count Potocki (2008)
Sept. 13–Oct. 25: "The World Stage: Haiti" at Roberts & Tilton
Rashid Johnson, "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" (2011)
Rashid Johnson, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos (2011)
Sept. 13–Oct. 29: "Islands" at David Kordansky
Pia Fries, "Gaffel" (2010–14)
Pia Fries, Gaffel (2010–14)
Sept. 13–Nov.1: "Paisages Maritimes" at Christopher Grimes
Kaws, "Untitled" (2013)
Kaws, Untitled (2013)
Sept. 13–Oct. 31: Honor Fraser
Darren Almond, "Meantime" (2000)
Darren Almond, Meantime (2000)
Sept. 20–Oct. 25: Matthew Marks
Mark Handforth, "Two old Bananas (Maag Areal)" (2013)
Mark Handforth, Two old Bananas (Maag Areal) (2013)
Sept. 20–Jan. 3, 2015: "Rough Dark Diamond" at Kanye Griffin Cocoran
Horfee, "Cruel Summer" (2014)
Horfee, Cruel Summer (2014)
Sept. 27–Oct. 18: New Images Art
Hank Willis Thomas, "Black Power (from branded series)" (2006)
Hank Willis Thomas, Black Power (from branded series) (2006)
Sept. 1–Nov. 30: "Bench Marks" at Monique Meloche
Natalie Frank, "Woman" (2013)
Natalie Frank, Woman (2013)
Sept. 9–Oct. 25: "Interior and Openings" at Rhona Hoffman
Adam Pendleton, "The Events Are" (2007)
Adam Pendleton, The Events Are (2007)
Sept. 12–Oct.24: Shane Campbell
Mickalene Thomas, "Do ya think I'm Sexy" (2009)
Mickalene Thomas, Do ya think I'm Sexy (2009)
Sept. 19–Nov. 15: "I was Born to Do Great Things" at Kavi Gupta
Whitney Bedford, "Black Lala Land / Red Fireworks" (2014)
Whitney Bedford, Black Lala Land / Red Fireworks (2014)
Sept. 19–Nov.15 at Carrie Secrist
Jose Toirac and Meira Marrero, "Vanitas Vanitatum" (2013)
Jose Toirac and Meira Marrero, Vanitas Vanitatum (2013)
Sept 12–Nov. 23: "Vanitas" at Pan American Art Projects
Einar and Jamex de la Torre, "Tara Temple" (2011)
Einar and Jamex de la Torre, Tara Temple (2011)
Sept. 19–Oct. 31: "Folkloric Acid" at Mindy Solomon Gallery
Ruth Laskey, "Twill Series (jet black)" (2009)
Ruth Laskey, Twill Series (jet black) (2009)
Sept. 5–Oct. 25: Ruth Laskey and Suzan Freco at Ratio3
Rob Putnam, "Departing Shadow" (2014)
Rob Putnam, Departing Shadow (2014)
Sept. 6–Oct. 25:"Foundlings" at Rena Bransten Projects
Eugene J. Martin, "Untitled" (1996)
Eugene J. Martin, Untitled (1996)
Sept. 5–Oct. 31: "Favorite Blues" at Maus Contemporary
Natalie Miebach, In the Shadow of the Giants (2013)
Sept. 5–30: "Three Works" at Miller Yezerski
Pieter Schoolwerth, Live Free or Die (2002)
Sept. 5–Oct. 11: What Pipeline
Troy Woods, "It is Late in the Season" (2014)
Troy Woods, It is Late in the Season (2014)
Sept. 13–Oct. 18: "The Tipping Point (Notes On)" at McMurtrey Gallery
Mitchell Syrop, "Ice-o-lation" (1983)
Mitchell Syrop, Ice-o-lation (1983)
Sept. 20–Oct. 25: "It is better to shine than to reflect" at Midway Contemporary Art
Clare Grill, "Cactus" (2014)
Clare Grill, Cactus (2014)
Sept. 5–Oct. 4: "Petal, Pedal, Peddle" at Giampietro
Virgil Marti, "Tête-à-Tête" (2013)
Virgil Marti, Tête-à-Tête (2013)
Sept. 5–Oct.18: "Forest Park" at Locks Gallery
Ellen Lesperance, "Du jaroj da seksa perforto" (2014)
Ellen Lesperance, Du jaroj da seksa perforto (2014)
Sept. 5–27: "You & I Are Earth" at Adams and Ollman
Alice Leora Briggs, "Basta"
Alice Leora Briggs, Basta
Sept. 26–Oct. 26: "Asylum" at Evoke Contemporary
Lauren Grossman, "Torso of Job" (2011)
Lauren Grossman, Torso of Job (2011)
Sept. 5–Oct. 11 at Platform Gallery

The fall art season is upon us, when galleries return from their August hibernation, and bring out their best stuff in an attempt to catch the buzz. In September alone, hundreds of shows kick off around the country, and we’ve picked out 60 that we are particularly keen on. They range from the blue chip (Gagosian’s Helen Frankenthaler show, its first with the artist’s foundation) to A-list contemporary (Allora & Calzadilla at Gladstone, Doug Aitken at Regen Projects) to the more intriguing and far-out (the outrageous blown-glass sculptures of the De La Torre brothers at Mindy Solomon in Miami). Below, we offer up a calendar of some of what we’re looking forward to across the land. Enjoy!

Helene Appel at James Cohan, September 4–October 4

Justine Kurland, “Sincere Auto Care” at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, September 4–October 11

Farhad Moshiri, “Float” at Galerie Perrotin, September 4–October 4

Roxy Paine, “Denuded Lens” at Marianne Boesky, September 4–October 18

Johannes Vanderbeek, “Early Hand” at Zach Feuer, September 4–October 4

Breyer P-orridge and Pierre Molinier at Invisible-Exports, September 5–October 12

Shamus Clisset, “Space God / Magic Guy” at Postmasters, September 6–October 11

Roger Hiorns at Luhring Augustine, September 6–October 1

Jean-Luc Moulène, “Torture Concrete’ at Miguel Abreu, September 7–October 26

Arp + RO/LU + Paul Clipson, “In Waves” at Jack Hanley, September 7–October 5

Andy Coolquitt, “Somebody Place” at Lisa Cooley, September 7–October 19

David Benjamin Sherry, “Climate Vortex Surtra” at Salon 94, September 7–October 25

Cory Arcangel, “tl;dr” at Team, September 7–October 26

Ryan McGinley, “Yearbook” at Team, September 7–October 12

Nick Cave, “Ever-After” at Jack Shainman, September 8–October 8

Ai Weiwei, “Part I/Part II” at Francis M. Naumann Fine Art/Chambers Fine Art, September 11–November 1

Do Ho Suh, “Drawings” at Lehmann Maupin, September 11–October 25

Helen Frankenthaler, “Composing With Color: Paintings 1962-1963” at Gagosian, September 11–October 18

Jenny Holzer, “Dust Painting” at Cheim & Read, September 11–October 25

Adam Putnam at PPOW, September 11–November 1

Jason Rhoades, “PeaRoeFoam” at David Zwirner, September 11–October 18

Wayne White, “Invisible Ruler,” at Joshua Liner, September 11–October 11

Laurent Grasso, “Soleil Double” at Sean Kelly, September 12–October 18

Jose Parla, “In Media Res” at Bryce Wolkowitz, September 12–October 18

Kate Shepherd, “Fwd: The Telephone Game” at Galerie Lelong, September 12–October 18

Allora & Calzadilla, “Fault Lines” at Gladstone, September 13–October 11

Rob Pruitt, “Multiple Personalities” at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, September 13–October 25

Xanti Schawinsky, “Eclipse” at Broadway 1602, September 16–November 22

“FIRE!” curated by Simon de Pury, at Venus Over Manhattan, September 18–November 1


Giuseppe Penone, “Branches of Thought” at Gagosian, September 5–October 16

“20 Years of Acme” at Acme Gallery, September 6–October 4

Doug Aitken, “Still Life” at Regen Projects, September 6–October 11

Matthew Ronay at Marc Foxx, September 6–October 4

Eddie Martinez, “Nomader” at Kohn, September 12–October 25

Pia Fries, “Paisages Maritimes” at Christopher Grimes, September 13–November 1

Rashid Johnson, “Islands” at David Kordansky, September 13–October 29

KAWS at Honor Fraser, September 13–October 31

Kehinde Wiley, “The World Stage: Haiti” at Roberts & Tilton, September 13–October 25

Darren Almond at Matthew Marks, September 20–October 25

Mark Handforth, “Rough Dark Diamond” at Kayne Griffin Corcoran, September 20–January 3, 2015

Horfee at New Image Art, September 27–October 18


Hank Willis Thomas, “Bench Marks” at Monique Meloche, September 1–November 30

Natalie Frank, “Interiors and Openings” at Rhona Hoffman, September 9–October 25

Adam Pendleton at Shane Campbell, September 12–October 24

Mickalene Thomas, “I Was Born to Do Great Things” at Kavi Gupta, September 19–November 15

Whitney Bedford at Carrie Secrist, September 19–November 15


José Toirac and Meira Marrero, “Vanitas” at Pan American Art Projects, September 12-November 23

Einar and Jamex de la Torre, “Folkloric Acid” at Mindy Solomon Gallery, September 19-October 31


Ruth Laskey and Suzan Freco at Ratio3, September 5–October 25

Rob Putnam, “Foundlings” at Rena Bransten Projects, September 6–October 25


Eugene James Martin, “Favorite Blues” at Maus Contemporary, September 5–October 31

Nathalie Miebach, “Three Works” at Miller Yezerski, September 5–30

Pieter Schoolwerth at What Pipeline, September 5–October 11

Troy Woods, “The Tipping Point (Notes On)” at McMurtrey Gallery, September 13–October 18

Mitchell Syrop, “It is better to shine than to reflect” at Midway Contemporary Art, September 20–October 25

Clare Grill, “Petal, Pedal, Peddle” at Giampietro, September 5–October 4, 2014

Virgil Marti, “Forest Park” at Locks Gallery, September 5–October 18

Ellen Lesperance, “You & I Are Earth” at Adams and Ollman, September 5–27

Alice Leora Briggs, “Asylum” at Evoke Contemporary, September 26–October 26

Lauren Grossman at Platform, September 5–October 11

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