Price Check! Here’s What Sold—and for How Much—at Art Basel 2022

Here's what dealers say they sold at the marquee Swiss fair.

Mitchell Innes and Nash, Galerie Nagel Draxler Courtesy Art Basel

Art Basel’s recent return to its summer dates after a three-year hiatus has shown that maybe absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. From the early multi-multimillion dollar sale of Louise Bourgeois’s monumental spider sculpture for $40 million—the highest known price for the artist—the celebrity sightings, and the influx of VIPs too, it sure seemed like business was bustling. 

As always, here is our roundup of the prices galleries chose to share with us. It bears repeating that some dealers inflate prices (or even make them up) and others withhold figures altogether. All prices have been converted to USD for ease of reading, and we do not include sales unaccompanied by prices.



Milton Avery, Bikini Bather (1962). Courtesy of the Artist and Xavier Hufkens, Brussels.

Milton Avery, Bikini Bather (1962). Courtesy of the Artist and Xavier Hufkens, Brussels.

$16.5 million: Joan MItchell, Bergerie (1961–62) at Pace

$15 million: Francis Bacon, Pope (1958) at Helly Nahmad

$8.5 million: Marlene Dumas, The Secret (1994) at David Zwirner

$5.5 million: Georg Baselitz, Hirtenkopf (1986) at White Cube

$3.5 million: Mark Bradford, Cobra (2022) at Hauser and Wirth

$3.5 million: Alice Neel, Elizabeth (1984) at David Zwirner

$3 million: Elaine Sturtevant, Johns Flag (1965-66) at Gray Gallery

$2.9 million: Willem de Kooning, Untitled (ca. 1969-70) at LGDR

$2.8 million: George Condo, Large Reclining Nude (2022) at Hauser and Wirth

$2.75 million: Frank Bowling, Karter’s Choice (1972) at Hauser and Wirth

$2.6 million: Marlene Dumas, Militaristic Monomaniac (2013) at David Zwirner

$2.5 million: Milton Avery, Bikini Bather at Xavier Hufkins

$2 million: Glenn Ligon, Stranger #94 (2022) at Hauser and Wirth

$1.8 million: Adrian Ghenie, Self-portrait ‘en plein air’ 3 (2022) at Pace

$1.8 million: Richard Pousette-Dart’s The Fountain, (1960) at Pace

$1.5 million: Josef Albers, Study for Homage to the Square, 1967 (1967) at David Zwirner

$1.5 million: Sturtevant, Johns Flag for Dea (1991) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$1.35 million: Georg Baselitz, X-ray lila (2020) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$1.2 million: Robert Rauschenberg, Rose Dam (Shiner) (1987) at Pace

$1.2 million: Keith Haring, Untitledi (1983) at LGDR

$1.1 million: Josef Albers, Homage to the Square, (1962) at David Zwirner

$1.1 million: Louise Bourgeois’s Nature Study (2009) at Hauser and Wirth

$1 million: Elizabeth Peyton, Daniel in bed, June 99, (1999) at David Zwirner

$975,000: Rashid Johnson, Surrender Painting “Two Tone” (2022) at Hauser and Wirth

$944,000: Sturtevant, Johns Coloured Numbers, (1991) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$891,000: Emilio Vedova, Per la Spagna (n.1). (1962) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$884,918: A painting by Yoan Capote at Galleria Continua

$875,000: Pat Steir, Very Quiet Silver Coast (1997-98) at LGDR

$831,000: Maria Lassnig, Fernsehmonoloith (TV Monolith) (1987-88) at Hauser and Wirth

$800,000: Avery Singer, Flute Player (2022) at Hauser and Wirth

$750,000: A painting by Alex Katz at Gladstone Gallery

$750,000: Ed Clark, Untitled (ca.1991) at Hauser and Wirth

$700,000: A painting by Elizabeth Peyton at Gladstone Gallery

$650,000: Nicolas Party, Red Forest (2022) at Hauser and Wirth

$650,000: Leonor Fini, Femme noire assise (ca. 1950) at LGDR

$600,000: Christina Quarles, Fell Down Beneath They Own Wait (Tha Fences We Mended) (2022) at Hauser and Wirth

$580,000: Georg Baselitz, Ohne Titel, (1988) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$550,000: Charles Gaines, Numbers and Trees: London Series 2, Tree #6, St Peter’s Alley (2022) at Hauser and Wirth

$525,000: Josef Albers, Study for Homage to the Square: Narcissus, (1959) at David Zwirner

$500,00 and under

$500,000: Oscar Murillo, untitled (surge) (2021) at David Zwirner

$475,000: Rita Ackermann, Mama, Turbulence (2022) at Hauser and Wirth

$450,000: Glenn Brown, Bread and Circus (2018) at LGDR

$450,000: A painting by Amy Sillman at Gladstone Gallery

$420,000: Yan Pei-Ming, Tête de tigre rouge sang, (2022) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$420,000: A historical painting by Thierry De Cordier at Xavier Hufkens

$410,000 to $460,000: Park Seo-Bo, Ecriture No.140416 at Kukje Gallery

$400,000 to $450,000: Jenny Holzer, Message SECRET (2022) at Kukje Gallery

$350,000: Gertrude Abercrombie, The Hill (1938) at GRAY Gallery

$350,000: Mickalene Thomas, Still Life with Flowers on Flower (2009) at LGDR

$350,000: Lari Pittman, Luminous: Cities with Egg Monuments 3 (2022) at Lehmann Maupin

$350,000: Steven Shearer, Morning Fantasist (2022) at David Zwirner

$350,000: Takesada Matsutani, Circle blue-3 (2019) at Hauser and Wirth

$304,000: Martha Jungwirth, Ohne Titel (Recto: Atelierstuhl), 2021 at Thaddaeus Ropac

$280,000: A painting by R.H. Quaytman at Gladstone Gallery

$262,000: A painting by Victor Man at Gladstone Gallery

$250,000: Tom Sachs, Impossible Task (2021) at Thaddeaus Ropac

$250,000: Angel Otero, Swimming Where Time Was (2022) at Hauser and Wirth

$198,000-220,000: Ha Chong-Hyun, Conjunction 94-95 (1994) at Kukje Gallery

$180,000: Cecilia Vicuña’s Lady Deer Tree (2021) at Lehmann Maupin

$170,000: Lee Bul, Perdu CX, (2021) at Lehmann Maupin

$167,000: Camille Henrot, Dos and Don’ts- Don’t Write Notes on Inferior Paper (2022) at Hauser and Wirth

$165,000: Cecilia Vicuña’s Arbol Oido (Tree Ear) (2021) at Lehmann Maupin

$150,000: Calida Rawles, Meridian (2022) at Lehmann Maupin

$140,000: A painting by Jonathan Lasker at Galerie Thomas Schulte

$135,000 each: Four paintings by McArthur Binion at Xavier Hufkens

$115,000: Nicholas Hlobo, Isandi (2022) at Lehmann Maupin

$115,000: Henry Taylor, Untitled (Portrait of Nathalie) (2019) at Hauser and Wirth

$110,000: A painting by Maureen Gallace at Gladstone Gallery

$94,000: Roccasalva Pietro, Merrymusk (2022) at Zeno X Gallery

$90,000: Alvaro Barrington, The New Wave feat James (2022) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$88,600: Billy Childish, girl floating above rocks, (2022) at Lehmann Maupin

$80,000: Mandy El-Sayegh, White Grounds (Spring) (2022) at Lehmann Maupin

$80,000: Peter Uka’s Ballad of a young man (Odukoya) (2022) at Mariane Ibrahim

$80,000: Rheingantz Marina, Ella (2022) at Zeno X Gallery

$80,000: Huma Bhabha, Untitled (2022) at David Zwirner

$75,000: A painting by Jill Mulleady at Gladstone Gallery

$70,000: Jenna Gribbon, You, blinded by M (2022) at LGDR

$68,000: A painting by Michael Müller at Galerie Thomas Schulte

$60,000: Mandy El-Sayegh, Net-Grid Study (dollar bill trick) (2022)  at Thaddaeus Ropac

$52,000: A painting by Marina Adams at Galerie Thomas Schulte

$50,000: N. Dash, Untitled (2022) at Zeno X Gallery

$46,900: Billy Childish, girl in swimming, yuba river (2022) at Lehmann Maupin

$45,000: Lynn Hershman Leeson, Water Women, Collage #9 (2003) at Altman Siegel

$31,000: Song Hyun-Sook, 4 Brushstrokes over 1 Brushstroke (2013) at Zeno X Gallery

$30,000: Ji Yun-Fei, The Sleep Quarter (2022) at Zeno X Gallery

$30,000 to $34,000: Jina Park, An Eating Woman and a Phoning Man (Olevano) (2016) at Kukje Gallery

$19,400: Al Sohl Mounira, Buried Alive (Dead with Awakened Eyes) (2021-21) at Zeno X Gallery

$17,800: A painting by Jonas Weichsel at Galerie Thomas Schulte



Thomas J Price at Hauser and Wirth. Courtesy Art Basel.

Thomas J Price at Hauser and Wirth. Courtesy Art Basel.

$40 million: Louise Bourgeois’s monumental spider sculpture at Hauser and Wirth

$12.5 million: Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (Tim Hotel) (1992) at David Zwirner

$1.5 million: Hannah Wilke, Rosebud (1976) at Alison Jacques

$1.2 million: Lynda Benglis, Power Tower at Xavier Hufkens

$1 million: Ruth Asawa’s Untitled (S.669, Freestanding Tied-Wire, Closed Center, Six-Branched Tree Form) (ca. 1963) at David Zwirner

$550,000: Georg Baselitz, Diegos Bein, 2020 at Thaddaeus Ropac

$550,000: Louise Bourgeois, Femme (2005) at LGDR

$500,000: Ron Mueck, Dead Weight (2021) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$400,000: Jordan Wolfson, Untitled (2022) at David Zwirner

$350,000: Jaume Plensa, Carolina (2022) at Gray Gallery

$325,000: Huma Bhabha, 17 (2022) at David Zwirner

$300,000 each: Nine sculptures by Ugo Rondinone at Gladstone Gallery

$295,000: Sarah Meyohas, Interference #8 NFT series at Marianne Boesky

$290,000: Tony Cragg, Stages (2021) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$250,000 to $350,000 each: Two bronze sculptures by Kehinde Wiley at Galerie Templon

$210,000: A sculpture by Rosemarie Trockel at Gladstone Gallery

$194,000: A sculpture by Richard Deacon at Galerie Thomas Schulte

$160,000: Sheila Hicks, Untitled (2022) at Alison Jacques

$115,000: Mark Manders, Unfired Clay Head (2014) at Zeno X Gallery

$110,000 to $130,000: Jean-Michel Othoniel, Noeud Sauvage (2021) at Kukje Gallery

$85,000: A sculpture by Shahryar Nashat at Gladstone Gallery

$75,000 to $90,000: Suki Seokyeong Kang, Mat120 x 165#21-21 (2021) at Kukje Gallery

$52,000: Sylvie Fleury, Untitled (green turquoise), (2022) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$40,000: Erika Verzutti, Alps (2020) at Alison Jacques

$28,000: Van Kerckhoven Anne-Mie, Chainthat Jetes Azdazdaz (2022) at Zeno X Gallery

$22,000 to 45,000 each: Four works by Chiffon Thomas at Kohn Gallery

$9,400: Suciu Mircea, During Wartime (Still Life with Movie Projection) (2022) at Zeno X Gallery

$8,400: Grace Schwindt, Bloom (2021) at Zeno X Gallery



Wolfgang Tillmans. Galerie Buchholz, David Zwirner. Courtesy Art Basel.

Wolfgang Tillmans, Concorde L449-19, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 28 (1997). Galerie Buchholz, David Zwirner. Courtesy Art Basel.

$1 million: Wolfgang Tillmans Concorde L449-19, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, (1997) at David Zwirner

$650,000: Keith Haring, Untitled (1982) at LGDR

$675,000: Willem de Kooning, Untitled (ca. 1975-79) at LGDR

$595,000: Lorna Simpson, Wigs II (1994-2006) at Hauser and Wirth

$375,000: Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #11 (1978) at Hauser and Wirth

$300,000: A work on paper by Wangechi Mutu at Gladstone Gallery

$125,000: A photograph by Arthur Jafa at Gladstene Gallery

$79,000 each: Three works on paper by Georg Baselitz at Thaddaeus Ropac

$43,000: Graham Little, Untitled (Chair) (2022) at Alison Jacques

$35,000: Robert Mapplethorpe, Ken Moody (1985) at Alison Jacques

$14,000: Kim Jones, Untitled (2005) at Zeno X Gallery

$5,200: Gbaguidi Pélagie, Chaine Humaine (2022) at Zeno X Gallery

$4,200: Grace Schwindt, Blue (2019) at Zeno X Gallery

$3,400: Gbaguidi Pélagie, De-Fossilization Of The Look, Dialogue With Madonna Del Parto (2018) at Zeno X Gallery

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