Price Check! Here’s What Sold—and for How Much—at Art Basel Hong Kong 2023

Here's what dealers say they sold at the first fully fledged edition of the fair since 2019.

Richard Koh Fine Art at Art Basel Hong Kong 2023. Courtesy of Art Basel.

Art Basel is back in Hong Kong—in real life—for the first time since 2019, and despite international economic turmoil, buyers came out in force to the Asian art capital. Although the fair saw a robust 86,000 visitors, the total was still down from 2019. The 177 exhibitors came from all over the world, and dealers reported swift sales at high price points, with the sweet spot falling in the $100,000 to $500,000 range.

Below is a list of works that sold at the fair, converted to USD for ease of reading. It bears repeating that these numbers are provided by the galleries themselves, so take it all with a grain of salt. (As always, we do not list sales without prices.)



Installation view, Hauser & Wirth at Art Basel Hong Kong 2023.. Photo: JJYPHOTO.

Installation view, Hauser & Wirth at Art Basel Hong Kong 2023. Photo: JJYPHOTO.

$5.5 million: Pablo Picasso, Fillette au béret, (1964) at LGDR

$5 million: Kazuo Shiraga, Kisan (1991) at Fergus McCaffrey

$4.8 million: George Condo, Purple Compression (2011) at Hauser & Wirth

$3.5 million: Mark Bradford, A Straight Line (2023) at Hauser & Wirth

$2.8 million: Nicolas Party, Birds Fighting for Worms (2017) at LGDR

$2.2 million: Elizabeth Peyton, Truffaut (2005) at David Zwirner

$1.5 million: Georg Baselitz, Für links, Richtung Westen (2021) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$1.5 million: Giorgio De Chirico, Il dialogo misterioso (Archeologi), (1970) at Cardi Gallery

$1.3 million: A painting by Alex Katz at Gladstone Gallery

$1.2 million: A painting by Alex Katz at Gladstone Gallery

$1.1 million: Lee Ufan, Dialogue (2014) at Mennour

$950,000 each: Three versions of Andy Warhol’s Dollar Sign at LGDR

$975,000: Lee Ufan, Dialogue (2014) at Pace Gallery

$975,000: Pat Steir, Rainbow Waterfall #3 (2022) at Hauser & Wirth

$820,000: Alex Katz, Blue Flag 3 (1966) at Pace Gallery

$850,000: Elizabeth Peyton, Elizabeth II (1995) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$850,000: Hilary Pecis, Winter Room (2020) at LGDR

$764,000: Frank Bowling, Cobble Wobble (2022) at Hauser & Wirth

$700,000: Ding Yi, Appearance of Crosses 2012-7 (2012) at LGDR

$695,000: Ed Clark, Avignon Red (2006) at Hauser & Wirth

$650,000: Georges Mathieu, Ambiguité gothique (1951-52) at LGDR

$525,000: Damien Hirst, Deep Leaf (2016) at White Cube

$475,000: Salman Toor, Well Dressed Friends (2017) at Luhring Augustine

$387,000: Yan Pei-Ming, Wild game: The Way of the Lion (2022) at Massimo De Carlo

$380,000: Martha Jungwirth, Ohne Titel (2022) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$375,000: Salman Toor, Iqbal Bano Singalong (2017) at Luhring Augustine

$350,000: A large painting by Thomas Houseago at Xavier Hufkens

$350,000: Henry Taylor, Untitled (2021) at Hauser & Wirth

$350,000: Tom Sachs, Midnight Is Morning (2022) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$340,000: Zhang Enli, Middle School Teacher (2022) at Hauser & Wirth

$325,000: Liu Wei, Untitled (2022) at Lehmann Maupin

$300,000: Joel Mesler, Untitled (Half Full) (2021) at LGDR

$280,000: Gary Simmons, Hands on Hips (2023) at Hauser & Wirth

$275,000: Nicole Eisenman, Sex und Death (2022) at Hauser & Wirth

$275,000: Loie Hollowell, Split Belly (2023) at Pace Gallery

$225,000: Angel Otero, On Being Blue (2023) at Hauser & Wirth

$220,000: Josh Smith, People Know (2022) at Massimo De Carlo

$220,000: Park Seo-Bo, Ecriture No. 220325 (2022) at White Cube

$200,000: A painting by Rirkrit Tiravanija at Gladstone Gallery

$200,000: Julie Mehretu, Six Bardos: Dream State (2018) at White Cube

$195,000: Martha Jungwirth, Ohne Titel, aus der Serie “Hexenflug” (2022) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$190,000: Lee Bul, Perdu CXLVIII (2022) at Lehmann Maupin

$185,000: Robert Nava, Ribcage Hydra (2022) at Pace Gallery

$185,000: Rachel Jones, a shorn root (2022) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$162,000 combined: Chantal Joffe’s Alba (2019), Ishbel on Pink (2018) and Esme (2019) at Lehmann Maupin

$160,000 combined: Mandy El-Sayegh’s White Ground (Gulf, Zero) (2022) and Piece Painting (Ariel) (2022) at Lehmann Maupin

$160,000: Andy Warhol, Daisy (1982) at Cardi Gallery

$150,000: Loie Hollowell, V (2014) at Pace Gallery

$150,000: A painting by Anicka Yi at Gladstone Gallery

$150,000: Stanley Whitney, Untitled (2003) at Galeria Cayon

$135,000 each: Adam Pendleton, AWAY/WALL (2022) and NOTA/WALL (2022) at David Kordansky Gallery

$110,000: A painting study by Alex Katz at Gladstone Gallery

$107,000: Andreas Eriksson, Unsol (2021) at Stephen Friedman Gallery

$100,000: Minoru Nomata, Land-Escape 11 (1992) at White Cube

$97,000: Pietro Roccasalva, From JMM (2022) at Massimo De Carlo

$95,000 each: Eight editions of Adam Pendleton, Untitled (Composition) (2022) at David Kordansky Gallery

$92,000: Sarah Ball, Jerome (2022) at Stephen Friedman Gallery

$92,000: Caroline Coon, Early Morning, Harrow Road (2008) at Stephen Friedman Gallery

$80,000: Kathleen Jacobs, DNIRO (2018) at Fergus McCaffrey

$75,000: Lee Kun-Yong, Bodyscape 76-3-2021 (2021) at Pace Gallery

$68,000: Wang Yuyang, The Moon 20181110, (2019) at Massimo De Carlo

$60,000: Mandy El-Sayegh, Piece Painting (Sotheby’s Richter I), (2023) at Thaddaeus Ropac

$50,000: Hulda Guzmán, El que quiere moño bonito que aguante jalones, (2023) at Stephen Friedman Gallery

$40,000: Waqas Khan, Untitled I (2022) at Sabrina Amrani

$40,000: Tammi Gampbell, Flowers With Bubble Wrap and Packing Tape (2023) at Anat Ebgi

$40,000: Tunji Adeniyi-Jones, Yellow Sky (2023) at White Cube

$38,000: Waqas Khan, Face to face with death I (2022) at Sabrina Amrani

$30,000: Davide Balliano, UNTITLED_0237 (2022) at Cardi Gallery

$26,000: Lu Song, 灵山 _holy mountain, (2023) at Massimo De Carlo

$26,000: Yang Bodu, In the Museum St. Petersburg 2015 (2023) at Massimo De Carlo

$18,000: Albano Hernandez, p.22.16 (2022) at Pi Artworks

$12,000: Davide Balliano, UNTITLED_0162 (2022) at Cardi Gallery

$12,000: Tammi Campbell, Cambell’s Soup Can (Cream of Chicken) with Bubble Wrap and Packing Tape (2022) at Anat Ebgi

$11,500: Nova Jiang, As Tidy as Fate (2022) at Union Pacific

$10,200: Nova Jiang, Tether (2023)

$10,000 each: Tammi Campbell, Homage to the Square with Bubble Wrap and Packing Tape (2023) and Painting Bitten by a Woman with Gum Sculpture (After Hannah Wilke) (2023) at Anat Ebgi

$2,500: Albano Hernandez, p.22.17 (2022) at Pi Artworks



Installation view of David Altmejd, <i>The Vector</i> (2022) at White Cube. Courtesy of White Cube.

Installation view of David Altmejd, The Vector (2022) at White Cube. Courtesy of White Cube.

$9 million: Beeple, S.2122 (2023) at LGDR

$3.5 million: Yayoi Kusama, Pumpkin (2022) at Ota Fine Arts

$1.8 million: Roni Horn, Untitled (“The sensation of sadness at having slept through a shower of meteors.”) (2012) at Hauser & Wirth

$900,000: Jordan Wolfson, Red Sculpture (2016-22) at David Zwirner

$825,000: Kangkee, Neptune (2023) at Galerie du Monde

$750,000: Joel Shapiro, Untitled (1995) at Pace Gallery

$730,000: Anish Kapoor, Random Triangle Mirror (2018) at Mennour

$612,000: Antony Gormley, CARE (2022) at Galleria Continua

$450,000: Paul McCarthy, DD#1 (202–23) at Hauser & Wirth

$425,000: Nari Ward, Peace Walk; SESSION (2022) at Lehmann Maupin

$365,000: Carlos Cruz-Diez, Physichromie 1874, (2013) at Galería Cayón

$350,000 each: Three sculptures by Ugo Rondinone at Gladstone Gallery

$312,000: Mimmo Paladino, Untitled (2020) at Cardi Gallery

$270,000: Danh Vo, untitled (2021) at Galerie Chantal Crousel

$250,000: Jeffrey Gibson, PPPPP OOOOO WWWWW EEEEE RRRRR, (2022) at Stephen Friedman Gallery 

$240,000: Stanislava Pinchuk, The Wine Dark Sea, (2022-2023) at Yavuz Gallery

$226,000: Allora & Calzadilla, Graft, (2021) at Galerie Chantal Crousel

$200,000: Nari Ward, Together (2023) at Galleria Continua

$188,000 each: Two sculptures by Phillippe Parreno at Gladstone Gallery

$185,000: Kiki Smith, Sleeping Girl (2004) at Pace Gallery

$135,000: David Altmejd, The Vector (2022) at White Cube

$125,000: Jeffrey Gibson, Burning Bright (2023) at Stephen Friedman Gallery

$125,000: Yoshitomo Nara, On and Under the Cloud (2022) at Pace Gallery

$107,000: Alicja Kwade, Continuum (2022) at Mennour

$100,000: Yoshitomo Nara, Head (2022) at Pace Gallery

$56,000: Carlos Aires, Bon Appetit V (2023) at Sabrina Amrani

$54,000: Camille Henrot, Gemini (2017) at Mennour

$50,000 to $75,000 each: Five paintings by Cassi Nomada at Xavier Hufkens

$48,000: Christopher Wool, Black Book (1989) at Luhring Augustine

$25,000 each: Several sculptures by Rirkrit Tiravanija at Gladstone Gallery

$20,000: Laurent Martin “Lo,” Breathing (2022) at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

$5,000 each: Seven works by Terrance Musekiwa, “Vashandi Vehurumende (Government Workers),” (2023) at Catinca Tabacaru



Robert Mapplethorpe, <i>George Bussey</i> (1979). © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Courtesy of Thaddaeus Ropac.

Robert Mapplethorpe, George Bussey (1979). © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Courtesy of Thaddaeus Ropac.

$300,000: Christopher Wool, Untitled (2017) at Luhring Augustine

$90,000: Tom Friedman, Spacetime Drawing (2022) at Lehmann Maupin

$80,000 to $100,000 each: Dinh Q. Lê, Khmer Reamker #23, (2022) and Khmer Reamker #24, (2022) at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

$75,000: A photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe at Gladstone Gallery

$38,000: Marlene Dumas, A Child Expecting a Child (1988) at Zeno X Gallery

$35,000 each: Three pieces of Gabriel Orozco’s 23.I.22 (a) #15, (2022) at Galerie Chantal Crousel

$17,000 each: Sanya Kantarovsky, Farinelli (2022) and Treptower Mom II (2022) at Luhring Augustine

$16,500: Robert Mapplethorpe, George Bussey (1979) at Thaddaeus Ropac

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