Sugimoto's Seascapes Market

On March 26, the Japan Society will present Memories of Origin – Hiroshi Sugimoto, a film directed by Yuko Nakamura. This 85 minute film captures 200 days in the life of internationally renowned photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto (Japanese, b.1948).

The Contemporary artist is known for his exploration of the illusionary properties of photographs. He often photographs movie theaters, opera houses, waxworks, natural history dioramas, and seascapes, using long exposures to create haunting images with unnatural lighting. In the graph below, Sugimoto's Seascapes are compared to his overall market. Until 2007, the artist's overall market andSeascapes grew concurrently; since the global recession, the series has outperformed his overall market, reaching returns of almost 200% since 2002.

Hiroshi Sugimoto Overall Market vs. Seascapes

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Overall Market vs. Seascapes 2002–2012

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