Wet Paint in the Wild: Artist Jeanette Hayes Takes Us on a Psychedelic Romp Through Paris

Just look at how the artist ran with the prompt!

Jeanette Hayes.

Welcome to Wet Paint in the Wild, an extension of Annie Armstrong’s gossip column wherein she gives art-world insiders a disposable camera so they can give us a peek into their corner of the madcap industry.

My old friend Jeanette Hayes always seems to be having the most glamorous time. Spotting the New York-based artist, who is known for her elaborate paintings that juxtapose art history and anime, at a party is always an affirmation that I’m in the right place.

So when she told me she was traveling to Paris for the opening of her show at L’oeil Bleu Gallery, I had to get eyes on what the city looks like from her vantage point. To my delight, she took the prompt as an opportunity to do what artists do best and get creative. So, I present: the most visually engaging Wet Paint in the Wild I’ve seen yet!

First of all, hi friends <3 Jeanette Hayes here. I had an exhibition in Paris last week at L’oeil Bleu Gallery and Annie very kindly asked me to document my journey with a disposable camera, which I gladly did. But… second of all, I must warn you, even though I was told the rules, the guidelines of wet paint, I diverged. But not by much, I promise! The photos are indeed of my Parisian escapades, but instead of one disposable camera I used two and then I scanned a few extra things with the photos. I’m sorry but if I’m using a scanner I can’t help it, I must scan!!!!! Enjoy!

My new friends, Sean Terris and Jane Yoon—we met on the airplane coming from New York City. Not only did they save my life by letting me borrow a phone charger on the flight (don’t get me started on my usbc vs. usb rant), but they also came to my opening. I love them!

I didn’t know anyone at my opening lol but I met a couple people that I liked, I think fun was had by all.

Since I didn’t know anyone, I spent most of my time with the gallery assistant and interns. They’re all aspiring artists so I had the most fun talking to them about what they’re into.

One of my drawings.

Oh wait, I just remembered that a woman at my opening (not pictured) was excited to tell me that she HATES art because it’s a scam, but she thought mine was OK. I’ll take the compliment, thanks for coming!

At the end of the night, new york friends came to save me- Joshua Woods and Len Burton. We went to Josh’s apartment and watched the Alexander McQueen runway show that happened earlier that day. It was the best part of my whole night. Len, I’m sorry your head got cut off in this photo ?‍?

Time for party. When I saw Shayne [Oliver] he said, “Even when we’re not in New York, we’re still in New York,” and I would have to agree.

I hadn’t seen Rebecca Dayan IRL since she became a famous actress and I’m here to report, she’s still cool.

The next day I looked up antique doll stores (don’t ask me why) and Paris did not disappoint. It was freaky-deaky and extremely fun.

Whilst out and about, upon recommendation from Aurel Schmidt, I went to Chez Snow Bunny and boy am I glad I did. I didn’t buy these bratz shoes because they were too small for me… but I did get a couple other little goodies. Thanks Aurel :*

Paris has to-go coffee now???? With little quippy sayings on the cup?!?! I never thought I’d see the day. But it felt like the whole city was tourists now so I guess it’s for us. Oh and btw, the tourism outfits, especially in the museums—stunning. I don’t blame TikTok, I thank TikTok.

That night, Mickalene Thomas had an opening at Musee de l’Orangerie. I felt so lucky to be in town for the opening. I love this work and I love Mickalene very much. When I was at Pratt, I did two semesters of painting independent study with Mickalene and spending that time together was my favorite part of my college career. What a joy it was to reconnect in Paris. And then to make the night even more magical, when I walked outside to leave, the Eiffel Tower was twinkling!!!!!!!!!! No pic, sorry—that was just for me.. But you can picture it in your mind, hopefully you already are 😀

Ok, the next day I left. But before I went to the airport it was important for me to stop at Chez Jeannette, obviously! People always send me photos of this place, I had to go see it for myself. It was fabulous. I stormed in to announce that I AM JEANETTE and after checking my passport for proof, the owner had me come by the bar to take a photo with him. He said if I came back to Paris he would throw me a birthday party……. Should we all go to Paris in December?!?!?

Lol I got this sailor moon sparkling mango water that was really good. Idk why I kept taking pix with it but also—why not! I bought another one to bring home and it’s still in my refrigerator… Maybe I’ll drink it tonight.

That’s all for now! Bisous (haha).


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