Billy Name's Shots Build the Art that Was Andy

Blake Gopnik

THE DAILY PIC: Warhol's acolyte helped Andy craft the art that was him.

Alan Davie, Anamorphic Figures 1, 1958 courtesy of Goodman Fine Art
London Art Fair, Still Resolutely British and Still Selling Art Hand Over Fist

Colin Gleadell

Colin Gleadell reviews the fair and reports the best sales.

Gallery Girls, Episode Seven: Gallery Opening

Christie Chu

Twenty-somethings get caught up with love and booze in the art world.

Karon Melillo DeVega, Money Laundering. Photo: via Fine Art America.
Dr. Doom Warns of Art-World Money Laundering in Davos

Sarah Cascone

Does the art market need better oversight? Nouriel Roubini thinks so.

Your Art Agenda: 8 Things to Do This Week

artnet News

The Outsider Art Fair, Postcards from the Edge, and museum bigwigs in conversation.

Which Artists Conquered the Market in 2014?

Brian Boucher

After a year of record highs, artnet News analyzes the auction data.

The Old Masters Market Is Restoring Its Image to Make It Sexy

Robert Simon

Will Old Masters be lonely without some cool downtown company?

Liberate Tate stages a protest at Tate Britain (2011). Photo: Amy Scaife, courtesy Corbis.
Tate's Hotly Contested BP Sponsorship Is Laughably Small

Coline Milliard

Why did they fight so hard to keep it secret?

Bruegel, Tiepolo, Reubens Shine at Sotheby's Old Masters Sales

Eileen Kinsella

"You can get a really good Old Master for the same price as a Lucien Smith."

Take an Exclusive Look at Shepard Fairey's Portlandia Cameo

Eileen Kinsella

His sales pitch for "shock art" is convincing.

Victoria & Albert Museum Photo via: Rugileg Blogspot
Security Threats Force London's V&A to Remove Prophet Muhammad Artwork

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso

Appropriate caution or self-censorship?

Tate Modern-Sized Art Center Coming to Birmingham?

Henri Neuendorf

Philanthropists, now is your time!

Monique Mouton Paints Painting's Death

Blake Gopnik

THE DAILY PIC: A young painter acknowledges her medium's fragile health.

artnet Asks: Contemporary Embroiderer Angelo Filomeno

artnet News

Here's a 21st-century artist who doesn't use a computer to create his designs.

Cheat Sheet: Dasha Zhukova, Oscar Murillo, and Andy Warhol x Converse

Cait Munro

Catch up on this week's most clicked stories.

An overlaid composite image of the 100 millionth photo taken by AIA, showing the sun in multiple wavelengths. Photo: NASA/SDO.
NASA Spacecraft Takes 100 Millionth Photo of the Sun

Sarah Cascone

The Old Man in the Sun and other solar portraits.

The Winter Antiques Show Surprises With a Range of Offerings

Cait Munro

A handful of 20th century dealers spice things up.

Simon's World . . . On Instagram

Simon de Pury

Snapshots from the life of the auctioneer.

Gallery Girls, Episode Six: Critic's Preview

Christie Chu

Twenty-somethings get caught up with love and booze in the art world.

Preview the Outsider Art Fair

Sarah Cascone

It's more insidery than ever.

Can Tomas Maier and Bottega Veneta Save Japan's Modernist Architectural Gems?

Sarah Cascone

Now is the time for preservationists to rally.

Johnny Depp's Mortdecai Bombs with Critics

Sarah Cascone

Charlie Mortdecai is no Jack Sparrow.

The Quest for Ed Ruscha's Secret Artwork Inspires a Film

Christie Chu

The director co-wrote "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".

Three Fun Facts With Sun Xun

artnet News

Sun Xun is the latest subject of our Instagram interview series.

Loris Gréaud Smashes the Mold for Museum Shows

Ben Davis

At the opening, unknown vandals appeared out of nowhere.