Quentin Shih's Photographs Capture Fake Luxury and True Communism

Liz Flora

The Tianjin-born, New York– and Beijing-based artist discusses his recent portraits.

Cheat Sheet: Keanu Reeves on Gauguin, Portlandia, and Loris Gréaud's Freakout

Cait Munro

Catch up on this week's most-clicked stories.

Art LA Contemporary Steps Up Its International Game

Susan Michals

The fair proved to be the art world’s equivalent to a Weinstein Oscar bash.

Spectacular "Tokyo Rose" Performance Debuts at Japan Society

Christie Chu

Enter the radio twilight zone of the 1940s.

Outsider Art Fair Offers Fresh Home for Art World Misfits

Sarah Cascone

The global odyssey takes them to Ghana, Haiti, and New Zealand.

artnet Asks: Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, Gallery Director

Daria Daniel

The gallery's most recent acquisitions include works by RETNA and Peter Beard.

Gallery Girls, Episode Nine: After Work Drinks

Christie Chu

Twenty-somethings get caught up with love and booze in the art world.

Museums Bet Major Paintings on Super Bowl Win

Henri Neuendorf

Albert Bierstadt vs Winslow Homer.

Film still from the Walt Disney adaptation of Alice in Wonderland (1951)Photo via: Konbini
Was Lewis Carroll a Pedophile? His Photographs Suggest So

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso

A BBC documentary sheds a new light on the creator of Alice in Wonderland.

Teenie Harris Shows Penmanship Pays

Blake Gopnik

THE DAILY PIC: Back in 1961, protestors knew how to make signs that commanded…

Must-See Art Guide: Los Angeles

Alissa Darsa

This week's guide includes Andy Warhol, Shirin Neshat, Tom of Finland, and more.

Lena Dunham and Miranda July Talk Taboos

Cait Munro

"I was like, wow she just went there—in the best way possible."

Kurt Cobain Spurs New Grunge-Era Show

Eileen Kinsella

"Come As You Are" looks at artists who took that anthem to heart.

Penny Liu Appointed Editor in Chief of artnet News China

artnet News

The journalist is an esteemed figure in media circles in Asia.

Artgenève Proves There's More to Switzerland than Art Basel

Coline Milliard

The boutique fair's fourth edition is off to a strong start.

Murals by Shepard Fairey (OBEY)and D*Face in MálagaPhoto via: Spain Holiday
Corruption Accusations Spoil Ambitious Street Art Initiative

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso

The public art project has been postponed indefinitely.

Increase in Antiquities Smuggling Busts amidst Government Crackdown

Henri Neuendorf

Over 2,200 illicit items were recovered on Wednesday.

Kathy Butterly, a.k.a. ‘Wile E. Potter'

Blake Gopnik

THE DAILY PIC: Slow craft makes pots as speedy as cartoons.

Film Festival Brings Art to Subways and Malls Around the World

Daria Daniel

Digital artist Katie Torn gives us the inside scoop.

Gallery Girls, Episode Eight: Existential Crisis

Christie Chu

Twenty-somethings get caught up with love and booze in the art world.

Do 3-D Prints of Old Master Sculptures Violate Copyright Law?

Sarah Cascone

Copyright worrywarts threaten to crash 3-D printing party.

Ryder Ripps Uses Jeff Koons Assistants for His Own Banality Series

Paddy Johnson

Ripps's brand has always been defined by careless bravado.

Violent Threats Force Removal of Prayer Rug Work

Coline Milliard

Zoulikha Bouabdellah's piece pays homage to strong women in the Arab world.

Why Self-Censorship of Controversial Artwork is Wrong

JJ Charlesworth

Art always offends somebody, and we need to deal with that.

Domenico Beccafumi, Painter of Steam

Blake Gopnik

THE DAILY PIC: He broke the rules of Renaissance art–because there weren't any.