4Chan Conceptual Artwork Reaches $90,000 on eBay

Sarah Cascone

Are we witnessing Internet history, or just a conceptual art prank?

Simon’s World . . . on Instagram

Simon de Pury

SLIDESHOW: Snapshots from the life of Simon de Pury.

Edinburgh Art Festival Gets Political

Coline Milliard

The Scottish Referendum and Commonwealth tensions loom large in this 11th edition.

Das Kind. Photo: Courtesy Bilderberg Collection
See the World’s Most Secretive Art Collection

Alexander Forbes

SLIDESHOW: The Bilderberg Group is showing off its art for the first time.

artnet Asks: DJ and Hyperrealistic painter Frank Bauer

Lorraine Rubio

German artist's solo exhibition opens at Galerie Voss in Düsseldorf on August 29th.

Harun Farocki, 1944-2014 Photo: via Schwarz Foundation
Harun Farocki’s Inextinguishable Fire

Ben Davis

Reflections on the legacy of the great German video artist who has just died.

Is the Populist ArtPrize Becoming . . . Snobby?

Alexandra Peers

The world's most unprofessional art contest should not be professionalized.

Norman Rockwell’s Granddaughter Tears Apart Deborah Solomon’s Biography

Benjamin Sutton

Is American Mirror riddled with errors and omissions?

Must-See Art Guide: New York

Alissa Darsa

This week's guide includes Larry Clark, Sigmar Polke, VICE magazine, and more.

Our 15 Favorite #MuseumCats

Cait Munro

SLIDESHOW: Let's savor this adorable internet holiday.

Damien Hirst Gets Green Light To Build City

Sarah Cascone

But locals are less than thrilled about Hirstville.

VIDEO: New Times Square Installation Provokes Tourists

artnet News

Cuban artist Arlés del Rio tests freedom of movement.

Simon de Pury
Simon’s World

Simon de Pury

My love story with a London bus.

The Castello Cini di Monselice, formerly owned by the Cini Foundation Photo: via BlogdiPadova
Stolen Cini Foundation “Rembrandt” Found after 35 Years

Alexander Forbes

Police had more than one piece of bad news for its French owner.

Are Young People Comfortable Spending Big Bucks Online?

Philip Boroff

Sotheby's eBay alliance could dilute three centuries of cultivated snobbery.

What to Make of MAD’s Maker Biennial?

Ben Davis

From Yoko Ono's video with the Beastie Boys to custom art vests, this is one odd mix.

Larry Gagosian and Aby Rosen Discuss Warhol’s Nose Job and More

Alexandra Peers

At Guild Hall in Easthampton, the artist's close friends dished.

Louvre Expects 12 Million Visitors Per Year by 2025

Sarah Cascone

Can the world's most-visited museum accommodate 30 percent more visitors?

Carel Fabritius, The Goldfinch (1654) Photo: Courtesy Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery, The Hague.
Art World Favorite The Goldfinch Clinches Movie Deal

Alexander Forbes

Will the best seller be a hit at the box office?

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Dazzle Ship Liverpool, 2014 Photo: Helen Hunt
100 Years On, Artists Commemorate WWI

Coline Milliard

SLIDESHOW: See new works devoted to the Great War.

Met Unveils Thomas Hart Benton’s America Today Mural

Sarah Cascone

The massive mural cycle will be shown in a replica modernist Art Deco boardroom.

Chinese Jeff Koons Knock-Offs Are Increasingly Sophisticated

Eileen Kinsella

VLA Sculpture has a new technique to lower the price of Balloon Dog sculptures.

Rendering of the Palestinian Museum. Photo: Heneghan Peng, courtesy the Welfare Association.
Bloodshed Can’t Derail Construction of Palestinian Museum

Sarah Cascone

The museum must go on.

The gardens at the Louvre.Photo: Cristian Bortes, via Wikimedia Commons.
The Louvre Gardens Are Teeming with Rats

Sarah Cascone

The museum's rodents outnumber its masterpieces.

10 International Gallery Shows To Make You Smile

Cait Munro

SLIDESHOW: Enchanting summer shows in exotic locales.