Conspiracy Theorists Believe They Have Found a Pyramid on Mars

Still from NASA’s Curiosity Rover video, showing the found “pyramid”
Phot via: YouTube

Have you ever heard that theory about how the Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens?

Well, in a bizarre turn of events, a near-perfect pyramid has been found on the surface of Mars by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, the YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible reports.

While the triangular structure is thought to be the size of a car, conspiracy theorists claim that it could be just the tip of a much larger construction buried beneath the surface.

Another possibility is that the mysterious object is some sort of marker stone, which have been used by many civilizations on Earth throughout the centuries, to guide travelers, as monuments, but also as graves.

The pyramid, believers claim, proves that a type of intelligent life has populated the planet at some stage.

According to the Daily Mail, some commentators have expressed their disbelief, pointing out that similar rocks with pyramidal shapes have been found on Earth, most likely formed by the effect of wind.

Yet theories suggesting that Mars was once populated keep surfacing.

Last year, the physicist John Brandenburg claimed he had found evidence that an ancient civilization living on the red planet had been wiped out as a result of a nuclear attack launched by another alien race, and that evidence of the massacre can still be traced on the surface of the planet.

An aerial view of the “pyramid” found in Mars<br>Photo: NASA.

An aerial view of a “pyramid” found in Mars by an earlier spacecraft, Viking I, in 1976.
Photo: NASA.

In 1976, images sent back to earth from Viking I of Mars’s Cydonia region showed rock formations that resembled a human face, a pyramid, and a city. These led to rampant speculation over the possibility of life on the Red Planet, but were revealed to be mere hills when higher resolution imagery became available.

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