The 100 Most Powerful Women In Art: Part Two

We celebrate women making a difference.


Welcome to Part Two of artnet News’ list of powerful women in the art world. There are so many ways to exercise influence and power in the art world, but one thing is abundantly clear: Women play a leading role. With this list, artnet News continues its yearlong celebration of women in the art world with “The 100 Most Powerful Women in Art.” Divided into three parts, our list is arranged alphabetically to avoid the perception of a ranking: We are celebrating the achievements of women in the art world, period.

The list was developed in consultation with art world denizens throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. They helped us compile a working list of the most powerful women in the art business. From the initial list of more than 300 names, the editors at artnet News chose 100. Read Part Two, below, and come back to the site on October 22 to find out who else is playing at the top of her game. If you missed Part One, “The 100 Most Powerful Women in Art: Part One,” we invite you to take a look and see who’s who.

33. Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator at the Studio Museum
34. Marian Goodman, Gallerist
35. Jeanne Greenberg-Rohatyn, Collector and Gallerist
36. Katerina Gregos, Artistic Director of Art Brussels
37. Guerrilla Girls, Artist Collective
38. Agnes Gund, President Emerita of the Museum of Modern Art
39. Leila Heller, Gallerist
40. Maja Hoffmann, Founder of the LUMA Foundation
41. Barbara Kruger, Artist
42. Pearl Lam, Gallerist
43. Zhang Lan, Collector
44. Hyun-Sook Lee, Gallerist
45. Rachel Lehmann, Gallerist
46. Dominique Lévy, Gallerist
47. Maya Lin, Artist
48. Daniella Luxembourg, Gallerist
49. Christine Macel, Chief Curator at the Musée National d’Art
50. Philomene Magers, Gallerist
51. Sarah McCrory, Curator at Frieze Foundation and Director of Glasgow International
52. Marilyn Minter, Artist
53. Victoria Miro, Gallerist
54. Lucy Mitchell-Innes, Gallerist
55. Helen Molesworth, Chief Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art
56. Agnès Monplaisir, Gallerist
57. Jessica Morgan, Director of the Dia Art Foundation
58. Shirin Neshat, Artist
59. Yoko Ono, Artist
60. Catherine Opie, Artist
61. Eliza Osborne, Executive Director of the Centre Pompidou Foundation
62. Suzanne Pagé, Artistic Director of the Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation
63. Maureen Paley, Gallerist
64. Anne Pasternak, President of Creative Time
65. Julia Peyton-Jones, Director of the Serpentine Gallery

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