Seattle Art Fair Attracts Local Tech Royalty but Future Remains Uncertain

Sheila Farr
Paul Allen’s participation has brought stars to the eyes of art dealers.
Seattle is home to a new art fair this month.Photo: Howard Ignatius, via Flickr.

Yoko Ono's Market Is A Mystery Despite Her Superstar Art World Status

Eileen Kinsella
She hasn't found a way (has she cared?) to commodify her performances.

10 Tips For Newly-Minted Tech Millionaire Art Collectors

Cait Munro
The dos and don'ts of art collecting, Silicon Valley-style.
The Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Photo: courtesy the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

X Contemporary is Latest Miami Fair From A Former SELECT Director

Eileen Kinsella
SELECT co-founders go separate ways, with new fairs.

Collector Sues Dealer After Christie's Sale of $1 Million Andrew Wyeth Painting

Eileen Kinsella
The painting is at the heart of a long-standing dispute.

VIDEO: Top Collector Budi Tek Has Big Plans for Private Shanghai Museum

Eileen Kinsella
A Giacometti show and a collaboration with Jeffrey Deitch are in the works.

Miami Beach Gets A New Satellite Art Fair Named Satellite. Oh Dear

Eileen Kinsella
Only the wildest projects are welcome.
Pablo Picasso, Les Femme d’Algers (Version “O”), 1955. Courtesy Christie's.

artnet Art Market Report Shows US Growing Despite Overall Fall in Global Auction Market

Eileen Kinsella
The overall market is slightly lower than expected, but average prices are higher.
Ray Riley with the painting he believes is by Sigmar Polke. Photo: screen shot via ABC News.

Sigmar Polke Painting Worth Millions Bought for $90 in Texas Thrift Store

Sarah Cascone
The work could be worth millions.

How to Spend It: Collectors Love David Hockney and Massimo Vitali Pool Scenes

Christie Chu
Hockney sold his first painting for a mere £10.
Danh Vo's Fiat Veritas is at the heart of a legal battle with Bert Kreuk Photo via:

How Powerful Dealers Manipulate Collectors to Buy Artwork and Other Market Secrets

Brian Boucher
One consultant considers it a velvet-gloved act of coercion.
Yvon Lambert at the opening of Collection Lambert in Avignon Photo: © Burkhard Maus via Art Magazin

Yvon Lambert Moved to Tears At Inauguration of Collection Lambert Museum in Avignon

Hili Perlson
He made an emotional dedication to his daughter, Eve.

These Women Artists Outrank Georg Baselitz at Auction Despite His Sexist Comments

Brian Boucher
Baselitz is, to be exact, art history’s 932nd-most-important artist.

New Data Shows Phillips' Market Share Growing But They Still Trail Christie's and Sotheby's

Eileen Kinsella
Though still far behind, Phillips is gaining ground.
Noah Horowitz.Photo: Patrick McMullan.

Armory Show's Noah Horowitz Jumps to Art Basel as Head of Miami Fair

Brian Boucher
Tens of thousands of visitors flock to the Basel fairs annually.

We Profile 3 Famous Billionaire Drug Kingpins and the Art They Adored

Eileen Kinsella
Botero was dismayed to learn his works were seized in a raid of Escobar's home.

Buyer of $39 Million Klimt Painting Revealed as British Billionaire Joe Lewis

Henri Neuendorf
The painting reportedly hangs in his yacht, Aviva.

Great Summer Reading: The Art of The Con Exposes Secret World of Fakes and Forgeries

Eileen Kinsella
Get to know the art world's most notorious scammers and fraudsters.

Fun and Funky Art Southampton Greets Guests With Bansky Walls and a Trick Selfie Mirror

Cait Munro
This is by far the best fair in the Hamptons.

Market Art + Design Brings Hip Galleries and Celebrity Artists In Search Of Summer Money

Cait Munro
Pick up works by Dave Eggers and John Mellencamp.

Greek Art Dealers Tell Us How to Run a Gallery in Athens On 60 Euros A Day

Rozalia Jovanovic and Eileen Kinsella
Art dealers feel paralyzed, yet keep business up and running.

Proposed Law Regulating Art Sales Would Destroy German Art Market Experts Say

Henri Neuendorf
Experts agree the law would damage the German art trade.

Stolen Beverly Hills Rodin Recovered After 24 Years Comes Up For Sale

Eileen Kinsella
The statue raised a red flag when it turned up at auction.