Court Freezes Assets of Dealer Timothy Sammons Accused of Swindling Millions From Collectors

Eileen Kinsella
The international dealer is accused of selling masterpieces and keeping the money.
A salt cellar dating from 1560Photo: Getty Images via The Telegraph

Restituted Nazi Looted Renaissance Artifact Expected to Fetch $777,000 at Auction

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso
Nazi loot restitutions keep hitting the auction block fetching seven-figure sums.
Andy Warhol, One Dollar Bill (Silver Certificate), 1962, casein and pencil on linen. Photo courtesy Sotheby's.

Kenny Schachter On What's Really Going on at the Top End of the Art Market

Kenny Schachter
2015 is looking to be the most prosperous year in art ever—but tread carefully.

Art Goes Well Beyond the Beach at ArtHamptons 2015

Eileen Kinsella
The fair offered edgier works along with habitual pool scenes.
Seattle is home to a new art fair this month.Photo: Howard Ignatius, via Flickr.

Why Are Gagosian, Pace, and Zwirner Signing On for the Seattle Art Fair?

Brian Boucher
Maybe the co-organizer, storied collector Paul Allen, enticed them?

Big Bacon Fails To Get a Bid as Sotheby's $204 Million London Contemporary Art Sale Misses Target

Colin Gleadell
By playing safe, Sotheby’s may have missed a trick.

Wage Protest Sullies Sotheby's London Contemporary Sale

Eileen Kinsella
The union wants Sotheby's to honor the terms of the new contract.
Andy Warhol, One Dollar Bill (Silver Certificate), 1962, casein and pencil on linen. Photo courtesy Sotheby's.

Warhol's Dollar Bill Fetches $32.8 Million at Sotheby's London

Brian Boucher
It was his first hand-painted dollar bill canvas.

This Illuminated Medical Almanac From 1445 May Fetch $100,000 at Auction

Eileen Kinsella
It contains truly bizarre predictions for the new year.

Richter Flops at Christie's Jittery $150 Million London Contemporary Sale

Colin Gleadell
Many works struggled to hit their targets.

Art Authenticators Harassed by Lawsuits and Death Threats Get New Legal Protection

Sarah Cascone
Lichtenstein, Haring, and Warhol boards have all recently disbanded.

Art Market Data: Christie's Impressionist and Modern Art Market Share Collapses As Sotheby's Grows

Eileen Kinsella
Christie's continues to slide, while Sotheby's is on the rise.
Sigmar Polke Carnival (1979) Photo: courtesy Phillips

Ai Weiwei Record at $5.4 Million Keeps Phillips $28.6 Million Contemporary Sale on Track

Colin Gleadell
Phillips kicked off the potentially record-breaking London contemporary sales.
Renzo Piano, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (rendering). Photo: Renzo Piano.

Will the Greek Bank Closure Imperil Athens's New Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center?

Sarah Cascone
The $800 million center is slated to open next year.
Booth of the London-based gallery Robilant+Voena at Masterpiece 2015Photo: Courtesy Robilant+Voena

Steady but Uneven Sales at the 6th Edition of Masterpiece London

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso
Much-hyped pieces by Warhol and Monet hadn’t sold by the end of the second day.

We Asked Collectors The 5 Scariest Things About Bidding on Art at Auction

Eileen Kinsella
The stakes are high when mishaps can cost millions.

Top Ten Booths at Masterpiece London 2015

Amah-Rose Abrams
Featuring a rare Warhol, Matisse cut outs, a tiny Jeff Koons balloon dog, and more.

$39 Million Klimt Leads Sotheby's $280 Million London Impressionist and Modern Sale

Colin Gleadell
Sotheby’s hits second highest London total ever with four new records set.
Claude Monet, Le Havre, la jetee (c. 1868) discovered taped to another pastel by the artistPhoto: Philip Toscano via The Guardian

London Gallerist Discovers Rare Monet Taped to Back of Pastel Bought at Auction

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso
Starting today, the pastels are offered at the art fair Masterpiece for $2 million.

Christie's Impressionist and Modern Sale Reaches $113 million, Despite the Odds

Colin Gleadell
Most lots to exceed estimates were around the £1 million mark.
From the Guerrilla Girls BroadBand's show

Why Are There Still So Few Successful Female Artists?

Ben Davis
Gender inequality is back at the center of art-world discussion. What can be done about it?

Kenny Schachter On Why Art Basel Left Him Mentally and Physically Damaged

Kenny Schachter
Are art fairs bad for your health?

$2.8 Million Paul McCarthy Sale Among Bevy of Pricey Trophies Sold at Art Basel

Eileen Kinsella
Brisk sales spill over into the fair's fourth day.

Bad Banker's $8 Million Basquiat Smuggled With Shipping Invoice for $100 Returns Home

Eileen Kinsella
An $8 million Basquiat was shipped with a $100 value.